Marvel’s Avengers: To Find Olympia Collectibles Guide

On your quest to bring the old team back together in Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll be sent to the Pacific Northwest in the mission To Find Olympia to search for Tony Stark and Jarvis. Finding Jarvis at least should be easy, but you’ll need a guide to find all the collectibles in this mission.

Kamala has teamed up with Bruce to track down Tony and Jarvis in Marvel’s Avengers, and they are now in the forests of the Pacific Northwest to search for clues. While you’re in a searching mood, why not go after all the collectibles hidden in this lengthy mission? There’s a lot of ground to cover, and plenty of places to hide chests in the forests and AIM facilities, so follow along to make sure you don’t miss any.

All Collectibles In To Find Olympia

This mission is packed with chests, only a few pieces of intel, and just one comic book. In total there are 23 items on our list so let’s get right into it.

Hardened Chest 1/18

Right after your tutorial battle as the Hulk, stand on the metal circle in the middle of the ground and look for a cliff with white markings on it. Clamber up and perform a series of wall jumps until you spot the chest in a very shallow cave on your right.

Hardened Chest 2/18

Continue forward from the first chest through a cave, but instead of running out head up a ledge on the right and smash the cracked wall to reveal the next chest.

Hardened Chest 3/18

Once you drop down the pit with a broken ladder, immediately turn around to spot a cracked wall in need of smashing. You’ll find three boxes and your third chest behind it.

Hardened Chest 4/18

As you and Kamala approach the AIM base, take a left before the doors to grab this chest on a slightly raised platform.

Hardened Chest 5/18

After you enter the AIM facility and climb up a ledge you will come to a wall you can jump off to the next area. Instead, leap on and jump up to get on top of that ledge to get another chest.

Hardened Chest 6/18

From the last chest, drop all the way down the crevasse and follow it to the dead-end where another chest is tucked away.

Hardened Chest 7/18

After the large ambush in the big cement arena, jump up into the open windows overlooking the area and check the right wall for the chest.

Hardened Chest 8/18

Once you’ve fought your way inside and destroyed the big green machines and the alarm starts going off, keep moving until you see the room labeled “Cargo 02.” Stop here and look to the left for a door partially blocked by crates you can power attack through. Break in and loot the chest.

The Rise Of AIM Intelligence 1/4

Our first piece of intelligence is right outside the same Cargo 02 door as before. Go to the right to find a box you can interact with to collect it.

Hardened Chest 9/18

When you make it to the AIM front desk, walk around behind it to discover the secretary’s hidden treasure right beside the chair.

The Rise Of AIM Intelligence 2/4

As you climb up a few more platforms you’ll be attacked from across the gap. Before leaping over to rip anyone who dares oppose you apart, turn right to grab the intelligence off the box in the corner.

Hardened Chest 10/18

Once you have that, leap across and take out the enemies, moving forward through the door until you see the sign pointing towards “Extraction Terrigenesis.” Ignore that and go into the shaft ahead, leap and grapple up, and collect the chest dead ahead.

Hardened Chest 11/18

Back on the main path, once you’re in lab 1D, head all the way to the back and jump up on a platform resting on what looks like a bunch of shelves to grab another chest.

The Rise Of AIM Intelligence 3/4

Turn around from that chest, and examine the desk right beside the door to grab some more intel.

The Rise Of AIM Intelligence 4/4

Now playing as Kamala, take an immediate left to grab the final piece of intel on a cloth covered table.

Hardened Chest 12/18

From that intel, stay on the upper ledge but follow it to the right to crack open this chest.

Hardened Chest 13/18

Now drop down and you’ll run right into this chest near the railing.

Hardened Chest 14/18

After grapple swinging off the light, follow the platform to the right and jump up onto the tall Stark Industries containers along the left wall to loot yet another chest.

Hardened Chest 15/18

From that chest, turn around and go through the door with the green light above it. Stick to the right of the room you enter to find a shelf you can push to reveal this chest.

Hardened Chest 16/18

Do a 180 from that chest, move forward into the room until you can hop over some desks on the left to reach the next chest on the other side.

Hardened Chest 17/18

Hop back over the desk and follow the right wall over another desk and enter a gap. The chest is straight ahead in the following room.

Hardened Chest 18/18

The final chest is also through this room, through another gap on the right wall from the last chest. Go through and look to your left to finish off all the chests.

Hulk Comic 2/6

Our last collectible, and only comic, is back in the room with 17th chest. Go just a little bit beyond it to the left to the last row of old consoles and pick it up off the desk at the very end.

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