Marvel’s Avengers Microtransaction Charge $100 For 10,000 In-Game Credits

You will need to be as rich as Tony Stark himself to play Marvel’s Avengers if you want to unlock all the extras quickly.

Marvel’s Avengers was originally promoted on the fact that it would receive free post-launch content in the form of new characters, costumes, and story modes. While all of that will be free, the game will feature a number of microtransactions, with players able to purchase in-game credits with real money in order to buy things like costumes and emotes for the characters.

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The shop page for Marvel’s Avengers on the PlayStation Store now has a section for its microtransactions. According to VG247 and our own research on the UK PSN, you can spend $5/£3.99 for 500 credits, $20/£15.99 on 2000 credits, $50/£39.99 on 5000 credits (plus 1000 bonus credits), and $100/£79.99 on 10,000 credits (plus 3000 bonus credits). The highest rank Legendary items in the game can cost up to 1,400 credits, so the hundred dollar price tag might be appealing to people who want to quickly deck out their Avengers with cool costumes and animations.

Marvel’s Avengers has taken a lot of criticism for its monetization practices, and these prices will likely add fuel to the fire. The idea of spending an additional $100 in order to buy in-game items might seem ridiculous, but the fact that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are taking this approach shows that they believe people will spend that hard-earned cash. What else are we going to do in a pandemic?

Marvel’s Avengers has a lot of potential when it comes to DLC and the fact that so much content is coming to the game for free is commendable. It remains to be seen whether players will shell out another hundred bucks for a few costumes. It depends on how well the audience takes to the online multiplayer modes, as it’s here that people most want to show off the look of their characters.

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Marvel’s Avengers is available on Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 4. Those who purchase the Deluxe version of the game can start playing today.

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