Martha Is Dead: All Camera Accessory Locations And Functions

The Tuscan villa that serves as the setting for Martha Is Dead is full of gadgets that Erich has collected over the years. Throughout the game, you'll be able to find several attachments for Giulia's camera. A few are necessary for in-game objectives and side quests, but the rest allow you to use the game's photography system to its fullest extent.

Collecting every accessory in a single playthrough will earn the achievement/trophy "The Hanged Man," and taking at least one photo with each unlocks "Justice." If you're looking to earn 100 percent completion of the game, finding and using all of them is necessary.

Where To Find All Camera Accessories And What They Do

Accessories will appear throughout the game, either in the basement or on Erich's desk. At the start of a new chapter, new accessories will be available to collect. We've listed the accessories below, in the order in which they appear. You don't need to collect an accessory in the chapter in which it becomes available – it will stay put until you pick it up.

100 ISO FilmThe Room
  • Automatically collected when Giulia first picks up the camera on the kitchen table
  • Standard film
  • Good detail
  • Requires at least moderate lighting
FlashThe Rolls
  • On the desk in Erich's study upstairs
  • Adds bright light to dark environments
  • Required to complete The Soul In The Photo
TripodThe Rolls
  • In the basement, near the workbench
  • The same place you took the self-portrait in the previous chapter
  • Allows longer exposures
  • Required to use Infrared Lens
Infrared Lens & FilmThe Rolls
  • In the darkroom, on the table to the right as you enter
  • Used as specific locations to reveal hidden images
  • The hidden image will not appear until the print is developed
  • Requires the Tripod to function
  • Necessary for the "Strength" and "Judgment" achievements
Macro LensThe Rolls
  • Darkroom
  • Narrows the shot's focus
  • Best for focusing on nearby objects and foregrounds
Orange FilterThe Rolls
  • Darkroom
  • Adds contrast to images with lots of white
  • Most useful on the foggy morning during "The White Lady"
Blue FilterThe Rolls
  • Darkroom
  • Softens reds, making them appear less dark in the print
  • Helps get detail under electric lights, particularly the flash
25 ISO FilmThe Woods
  • Erich's desk
  • Highest detail
  • Requires bright, natural light for best effect
Red FilterThe Woods
  • Darkroom
  • Greatly increases the contrast of the photo
  • Best for shots that have both bright lights and dark shadows
Focal Lens x0.5The Woods
  • Darkroom
  • Widens the shot
  • Good for photographing the entirety of a room
  • Good for landscapes and panoramas
Focal Lens x2The Woods
  • Darkroom
  • Zooms in on distant objects
  • Narrows the frame
  • Also useful for close-ups of nearby objects
200 ISO FilmThe Burial
  • Erich's desk
  • Requires less light than 100 ISO film
  • Best for dim sunlight or similar conditions
  • The image will be somewhat grainy
Yellow FilterThe White Lady
  • Darkroom
  • Makes blues appear darker and yellows appear lighter
  • Good for shots of sky and clouds
  • Works well with bright candlelight, especially in the crypt
Green FilterThe White Lady
  • Darkroom
  • Makes blues appear darker and greens appear lighter
  • Good for increasing the detail of landscape shots
400 ISO FilmThe Graveyard
  • Erich's desk
  • Captures image with minimal lighting
  • The image will be very grainy

When using the accessories for the "Justice" achievement/trophy, you can speed things up by using multiple accessories at once. For example, if you take a single landscape shot on a sunny day simultaneously using 25 ISO film, the Focal Lens 0.5x, and the Green Filter, all three will be counted toward your total for earning the accolade.

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