Mario Kart Tour’s Summer Festival Tour Has Begun, Featuring Yukata Daisy

Nintendo has unleashed Mario Kart Tour’s Summer Festival Tour, before the long haul of winter starts to set in. The Summer Festival will run until September 8 within the mobile game, and there’s a vibrant character with a wardrobe change here to kick off Week 1.

There are always a couple of characters per Mario Kart race who aggravate your last nerve, whether by Bowser bashing or shouting their name as they drift past you. Daisy may fall into this rogues’ gallery, but her glowing outfit for the Summer Festival may be enough to forgive past grievances. Yukata Daisy graces Week 1 of the festival, where you can find her basking in the sunlight. Players will also be able to get their hands on the Festival Girl kart, and the Crimson Crane glider during the initial celebrations.

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Yukata Daisy’s special item of the festival will be the Fire Flower; a fire-breathing plant that removes opponents from your path. The favored course of Yukata Daisy will be the second track of each cup, earning racers some new point records when using this floral duo to their advantage.

Week 2 will see the arrival of Mario and Peach in the summer spotlight. You will be able to find two different variants of Mario: Mario (Hakama) – fitted with the traditional Japanese garment – and Mario (Happi), sporting the Japanese straight-sleeved coat. Joining him will be Peach (Kimono), along with various karts and gliders up for grabs, including the Quickshaw, the Kabuki Dasher, the Glam Bruiser, the Purple Oilpaper Umbrella, the Full Flight, and the Fireworks Parachute.

Mario (Hakama)’s special item will be the coin box, while Mario (Happi)’s will be the Bob-omb Cannon for a stunning display of fireworks. Peach (Kimono)’s special item will be the Mushroom Cannon to help with extra boosts, giving racers a winning trio to have in their racing roster.

The Summer Festival Tour gifts will include Baby Rosalina, the Cheep Charger kart, and the Parachute glider to carry this baby to the finish line. Players who have the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass and enough Grand Stars will be rewarded with Red Koopa (Freerunning), the Red Streamliner, the Black Circuit, and the Oilpaper Umbrella glider as extra bonuses during the festival fun.

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