Magic: The Gathering – Every Planeswalker In Dominaria United, Ranked

It’s time to get ready for spooky vibes with Magic: The Gathering’s dark new set, Dominaria United. Dominaria is kicking off the 30-year anniversary of Magic’s existence, bringing many new things to your Friday Night Magic table. Along with new ways to play and a combination of genre inspirations, Dominaria United also puts a shine on one of the best parts of the hunt: Planeswalkers.

A good choice of Planeswalker that works with your deck build can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Every set comes with new and unique cards, so it’s time to rank all the Planeswalkers from Dominaria United.

4 Karn, Living Legacy

Karn is the golem of many Artifacts. Originating from Dominaria, he’s right at home in this set. Karn comes out with four loyalty counters and three loyalty abilities. Karn’s plus one gives you mana you can use for anything other than casting nonartifact spells, while the minus one lets you use that mana to look at some extra cards in your library and keep one.

This Planeswalker is better suited to decks that already have high mana pools banked, and best for having an edge in one-on-one play.

Karn’s minus seven depends on how many tokens and lands you have saved up. This grants you an emblem that allows you to tap untapped artifacts to deal one damage to targets. If you’re already running an Artifact deck with loads of spare Mana, Karn is a good choice. Otherwise, he isn't up to much.

3 Jaya, Fiery Negotiator

This may be the last time we get to see Jaya as a planeswalker card, and MTG is making it count. Jaya’s starts out with a loyalty counter of four, and her plus-one summons a 1/1 Red Monk token with prowess. The fodder-monks come in handy while you’re waiting to unleash Jaya’s other loyalty abilities.

The minus one ability exiles two cards and plays one for a quick cast during tense moments. Jaya’s minus-two deals damage to a target creature equal to to the number of your creatures attacking it. That’s a pretty big booming boost to your damage, especially when you’re using loads of creature tokens. Jaya is the game-changer for aggressive, offensive Red decks

2 Ajani, Sleeper Agent

Ajani is back and ready to roll. When he’s not busy with the Phrexians, he’s still battle-focused and viciously vigilant. Ajani enters the plane with four loyalty counters and three abilities. If you use two life to summon him instead of paying a white or green, he comes out with two fewer loyalty counters.

Ajani’s plus one brings more creatures and Planeswalkers into your hand, so if you’re rolling with a deck that has multiple Planeswalkers, Ajani is your cat-guy.

The minus three loyalty ability allows you to put three +1/+1 counters on up to three different creatures. These creatures also gain vigilance until the end of the turn. Ajani’s top ability is a minus six, gives your opponent two poison counters when you cast a creature or Planeswalker. A suspiciously Phrexian move, if you ask anyone else.

Either way, if you’re playing a Standard match, then a Life Gain deck with Ajani is sure to help you out.

1 Liliana Of The Veil

The Liliana everyone remembers from Innistrad is back and badder than ever in Dominaria United. Liliana enters with only three loyalty counters, and three devastating loyalty abilities.

Liliana’s discard and sacrifice abilities are brutal in MTG Standard, and other formats aren’t far behind. It seems like the more players you have at the table, the more powerful Liliana becomes.

Her staggering minus six ability separates all of a target’s permanents and forces them to choose which ones get sacrificed. Liliana is a coveted and powerful Planeswalker for any mono-black deck.

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