Mafia Definitive Edition: All Dime Detective Magazine Locations

It might seem a little contradictory for a gangster to be going around collecting every dime detective magazine in Mafia Definitive Edition, but these are just one set of collectibles tucked away in this vast open world. If you want to build up your collection of pulp magazines for that Lending Library trophy/achievement, we’ll spill the beans on all the dime detective magazine locations.

All Dime Detective Magazine Locations In Mafia

Some of these magazines require you to reach certain chapters in the story because they are located in areas of the map you need to unlock, and you can’t find every single one until at least chapter 20. Any that require you to be in a specific chapter to get can be obtained after the fact using chapter select. Each of the 20 magazines will be listed by number and title so you can check them against any you may have already picked up.

#1: Death Wears Red Heels

On St. Peter’s Docks, found in the southwest of Central Island. Go into the house next to the water and head downstairs onto the back porch. The magazine will be on the table.

#2: Let the Skeletons Rattle

This magazine has to be grabbed during chapter 19 at the point where Tommy is in North Park’s Grand Imperial Bank. Go up to the second floor via the staircase on the left and you’ll find it in the first office on the left.

#3: Watch Me!

In the Oakwood area, go to the cul-de-sac just south of the Oakwood label on the map and head into the last house on the left. The magazine is on the coffee table.

#4: Post-Mortem at Pimlico

If you look at Central Island on the map — not just the island itself, but the actual words — you’ll notice that there’s a parking garage exactly where the letters T and R in “Central” are. Head here, enter the ticket booth to the left of the entrance, and snag the issue off the guard table.

#5: The Corpse That Wasn’t There

At the very north end of Central Island go inside the Lost Heaven State Prison and make your way to the top floor. Pull the switch to open all the cell doors and go to the fourth one down on your right, which should have a big pink chair out front. Walk inside to pick up this magazine.

#6: Happy Murder to You!

You’ll find this one on a covered up couch in the back hallway of Biff’s place in Chinatown.

#7: You Can Die Any Day

You need to collect this issue during chapter 14 when you are on the ship. On the top deck, find the set of three barrels around the side of the cabin with a table and chair set up next to them. The mag is on the table.

#8: You’re the Crime in My Coffee

Find the largest house on the Northwest corner of Beech Hill and go into the library in the back of the house. Find the cart along the shelves with this collectible on top.

#9: Death Blows Out of Candles

In the fairgrounds to the South of Old Crow Pond, go to the east end of the section with all the wooden stalls. You can snatch this mag off the counter of the last one on the right.

#10: A Horse of Another Killer

Go to the Diner on the coast of Saint Paul and look on the table nearest the bar.

#11: Weather Fair Track Bloody

Way out in a barn to the west of Durham Pond, go into the back room on the right side and search the shelves. The mag should be there.

#12: Hayseed Homicide

Head to the backyard of Clark’s Motel and follow the path to find a stack of wood with the magazine resting on it.

#13: Mexican Slayride

Inside the Hotel Corleone Downtown, go through the doors to the right of the entrance and through the employee area to the manager’s office. He’s got this one on his desk.

#14: Devil Wears Red Heels

In the armory above the garage in Salieri’s Bar, go to the work table in the back of the room to pick up this issue.

#15: Sealed with a Kris

The other magazine held in the Lost Heaven State Prison is found outside the Guard Tower. Before going in, enter the door with the Leave Us sign on it and look on the table directly to the right.

#16: Feather Your Coffin

Our next magazine is found in the Works Quarter’s Federal Customs Impound on the bottom left corner of the map. Go up to the second floor and head into the office. Look on the desk closest to the window.

#17: Tin-Pan Alibi

Inside the hangar at the airport to the east of North River, run between the two planes and past the car to a long row of crates with this magazine on top.

#18: Live and Let Die

In the St. Michael Church Downtown, go down the isle and grab this issue next to the painting of Christ on a cabinet.

#19: The Lady From Hades

Once again in the Hotel Corleone, go all the way to the top floor and into any of the rooms with an open window you can use to access the roof. Hop over the wooden planters and this magazine will be on the circular table.

#20: Death Gives a Permanent Wave

The final collectible is between Little Italy and the West River Tunnel, just outside a mobile home. Look on top of the wooden box just outside the front door.

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