Luigi's Mansion 3 Guide: Gem Locations for Every Floor

  • B2 – Boilerworks Gem Locations
  • B1 – Basement Gem Locations
  • 1F – Grand Lobby Gem Locations
  • 2F – Mezzanine Gem Locations
  • 3F – Hotel Shops Gem Locations
  • 4F – The Great Stage Gem Locations
  • 5F – RIP Suites Gem Locations
  • 6F – Castle MacFright Gem Locations
  • 7F – Garden Suites Gem Locations
  • 8F – Paranormal Productions Gem Locations
  • 9F – Unnatural History Museum Gem Locations
  • 10F – Tomb Suites Gem Locations
  • 11F – Twisted Suites Gem Locations
  • 12F – The Spectral Catch Gem Locations
  • 13F – Fitness Center Gem Locations
  • 14F -Dance Hall Gem Locations
  • 15F – Master Suite Gem Locations
  • Elevator Hall: 1 Gem
  • Observation: 1 Gem
  • Sewer C: 1 Gem
  • Sewer B: 1 Gem
  • Storage Room: 1 Gem
  • Lower level w/ toad: 1 Gem

Boilerworks Gem #6

While you’re up here. Walk to the left (as Gooigi) and grab the gem on the upper section. It's hard to tell but you can, in fact, just walk over there from this wooden platform.

Boilerworks Gem #3

Shine your Dark Light onto the spot by the donuts, where the little burner is. Flash the blinking light with your Stobulb to get some much-needed coffee and a gem.

Boilerworks Gem #5

While in the ghost "shark" area, pull the metal cap off the pipe in the ground. (Note: the cap has an open slot you can look through). Use Gooigi to enter the pipe. Once you're down there, in the submarine. Vacuum the flaming log on the left. Walk to over to light the stove on the right. Once the water in the pot boils, a gem will pop out.

Boilerworks Gem #4

Stand on the platform and have Gooigi pull the chain. Vacuum and blow to rock the gem off the hook it’s stuck on. It takes some time and a few attempts so don’t get discouraged.

Boilerworks Gem #2

Boilerworks Gem #1

In the bottom area, with Toad, you'll see a collection of paint buckets in the left corner. Toss the paint to reveal the ghost on the wall. Then capture the ghost to get the gem inside it.

  • Garage: 3 gems
  • Service Hallway: 1 gem
  • Laundry Room: 1 gem
  • Service Stairwell: 1 gem

Basement Gem #1

Go to the garage. Vacuum the sheet off the truck to reveal that its trunk has a blinking green light.

Flash the blinking green light with your Strobulb to open the trunk and reveal the gem inside.

Basement Gem #5

Go to the service hallway. Notice the painting of the gem on the wall. Shine the Dark Light onto it so that the gem will pop out of the painting. Enter the garage and you’ll encounter your first boss.

Basement Gem #4

Go to the laundry room. Face the middle washing machine. You’ll notice the gem tumbling around. Shoot the washing machine door with your next suction shot (using Y). Vacuum up the rope until the circle is full, then hit A. This will open the door and reveal the gem.

Basement Gem #2

Go to the garage. Move to the far left and up the steps.

Activate Gooigi by double-clicking the right stick. Switch so that you’re controlling Gooigi and use him to smoosh directly through the cage.

With Gooigi, use the suction shot to open up the power box.

After pulling the panel off the box, use the Stobulb to flash the green light. The electricity will power the machine and release a red gem.

Basement Gem #3

Go to the garage. Walk to the right side of the garage, past the car, to the vent in the wall. Hit it with the Suction Shot to open it up.

Walk into it and climb up the ladder.

Activate Gooigi and have Gooigi walk to the back left, so he can drop down the grates on the floor.

Walk over and pick up the blue gem.

Basement Gem #6

Exit the garage and walk to the right, past the elevator and through the door to reach the service elevator. From there, go up the stairs.

At the top, activate Gooigi and have Gooigi stand in the back, over the grate so that Gooigi can drop down and get the final gem.

  • Lobby by the elevator (the waiting area before you reach the main front desk area: 2 Gems
  • Main area (front desk area): 2 gems
  • Off to the left of the main lobby (pumpkin table/balloon area): 2 gems

Grand Lobby Gem #5

Flash the blinking green light on the right side, of this area behind the front desk, to move the mail slots and reveal the purple gem. This is the first gem you can get in the game but it’s gem number 5 in the Grand Lobby.

Grandy Lobby Gem #4

To the right of the Grand Lobby elevator is a gem in a potted plant. Use the suction shot to break the vase and release the gem.

Grand Lobby Gem #2

To the left of the elevator is an elaborate photograph of the hotel. Use the suction shot to shoot the wooden panel underneath. Pull on it to turn the panel, opening the portrait, and revealing the gem.

Grand Lobby Gem #5

Head to the center of the grand lobby, in front of the front desk. All the portraits of your pals should be visible.

On your right, there are a bunch of boxes. Suck them up.

Stand on one of the elevated panels and have Gooigi stand on the other, on the opposite side. This will cause the chandelier to dropdown.

Use your vacuum on the chandelier. While holding down ZR (as Luigi or Gooigi) switch to the other character and have them use their vacuum on the chandelier too.

This will cause a yellow gem to drop from the chandelier.

Grandy Lobby Gem #1

While facing the front desk, head left towards the table of pumpkins.

Once the sofa is revealed, a ghost will appear. Notice this ghost has a sort of crystalized look to it. That’s because there’s a gem inside it! Capture the ghost to reveal the white gem.

Grand Lobby Gem #3

While facing the front desk, take the left staircase and move the “hallway” on the left.

Suck up the carpet so that it rolls back on itself, revealing a grate.

Summon Gooigi and have him dropdown as Gooigi.

Once you’re behind the gem use the Burst move (ZR + ZL) to push the gem out.

From there, just walk up to it!

  • Ballroom: 1 Gem
  • Dressing Room: 1 Gem
  • Hallway in front of the restaurant: 1 Gem
  • Kitchen: 1 Gem
  • Entertainment room: 1 Gem
  • Restroom: 1 Gem

Mezzanine Gem #2

From the Intro section. Vacuum the chandelier and a panel will move, revealing a hidden area. Enter the newly revealed area for another gem.

Mezzanine Gem #4

From the Intro section. Suck up the purple coat hanging on the left closet. Use your strobulb to open the safe. A gem will pop out of the safe.

Mezzanine Gem #6

Back to the restaurant area! Before heading through the door to follow Polterpup, vacuum the utensils on each side of the door. You’ll need both Luigi and Gooigi to do this. As these utensils spin, the lights above you will glow.

Eventually, once all the lights are on, a yellow gem will drop from the ceiling.

Mezzanine Gem #3

Use the suction shot to open the fridge door (on the left).

You’ll see a dangling object. Walk up to it and vacuum it to reveal its true form.

Vacuum up the ice block sitting on the bottom left shelf.

Walk it up to the stove and have Gooigi turn the stove on from the right side.

With the flames burning fiercely, walk over so that the flames can melt the ice block and reveal the gem inside.

Mezzanine Gem #5

Vacuum the swords hanging on the wall, to the right of the pool table but before the steps.

Suck up one of those swords into the poltergust and shoot it at the dartboard.

This will release a dark purple gem.

Mezzanine Gem #1

Use the suction shot to pull the door off the stall on the far right.

Vacuum up the newspaper.

Capture the ghost in the toilet (toilet ghost?) to get another gem.

  • Restroom: 1 Gem
  • Security office hallway: 1 Gem
  • Elevator Hall (2nd level): 1 Gem
  • Above the Gift Shop: 1 Gem
  • Accessories: 1 Gem
  • Boutique: 1 Gem

  • Hallway (near the elevator): 1 Gem
  • Hallway (on the far left): 1 Gem
  • Restroom (left): 1 Gem
  • Concession stand (attached to restroom on the right): 1 Gem
  • Dressing Room off stage: 1 Gem
  • Backstage: 1 Gem (requires poltergust upgrade)

Walk up to the tuba and blow into it with the Poltergust (ZL) until a gem appears at the top.

Use Gooigi to vacuum (ZR) the gem out of the tuba.

The Great Stage Gem #6

Walk all the way to the left of the hall until you reach the popcorn machine. Flash the green blinking light with Stobulb until the popcorn machine overflows.

Once it’s full, a gem will pop out.

The Great Stage Gem #1

Go to the women’s restroom on the left.

Use the Dark Light to reveal the faucet on the right side of the sink.

Turn on the new faucet and a ghost with a gem in it will appear.

Capture the ghost to get the gem.

The Great Stage Gem #3

Go to the men’s restroom on the right.

Use Gooigi to move through the gate and pull on the gold cord to “activate” the inflatable boo on the wall.

Walk up to the Boo wall and interact with it.

You’ll end up on the other side. Play some music by vacuuming the bottles. When all the notes are played the safe will open, giving you another gem.

The Great Stage Gem #2

Head to the left and enter the musician’s dressing room.

Use your Dark Light on the piano to reveal the missing keys.

Interact with the piano and a gem will pop out.

The Great Stage Gem #4

To collect Gem #4, you’ll need to return to this floor after getting an upgrade during The Spectral Catch objectives. Once you have it, head to the main stage and do the Burst move while standing on top of the suspicious panel on the floor.

Plug in to use the super suction on your poltergust and remove all the backstage panels, the choir, and all the debris. Make sure nothing is blocking the TV then walk up to the TV and activate/interact with it for the gem.

  • Laundry Room: 1 Gem
  • Hallway (by the rooms): 1 Gem
  • Room 501 Balcony: 1 Gem
  • Room 502 Bathroom: 1 Gem
  • Room 507 Bathroom: 1 Gem
  • Room 508 Balcony: 1 Gem

RIP Suites Gem #3

Exit the elevator and head right. You’ll be in a sitting room area with a telephone nearby. Notice the vending machine with the green blinking light. Hit the clear part (where you can see the snacks) with the suction shot and pull. This will reveal a door.

Notice the panel in the back left corner, underneath the spray bottles. Hit it with the Suction Shot and pull the panel off to reveal a gem.

RIP Suites Gem #4

On your way to E. Gadd's room suck up the orb on the hand statue (located on the right of the scary woods painting and to the left of the statue with a green gem in its mouth),

Shoot the orb at the statue with the gem in its mouth to shatter it and release the gem.

RIP Suites Gem #2

Exit the elevator and use the suction shot on the sofa (on your left). You won’t be strong enough to destroy it yourself so while you’re pulling on the rope have Gooigi use his suction shot to do the same.

There’s a door missing! Use your Dark Light to reveal it.

Head inside and you’ll be in Peach’s room. Head to the back right corner where her luggage is stacked and shine the Dark Light behind it.

Use suction shot to remove the luggage so that it’s no longer blocking the door,

Head outside and immediately go to the right.

Approach the Gargoyle statue and interact with it to get the red gem.

RIP Suites Gem #6

Continue to the left and notice another missing door. Use the Dark Light to reveal it. Head inside.

Use the suction shot on the cart to the left to break it and enter the bathroom.

Pull the shower curtain.

Use Gooigi to drop down into the drain below.

Break the wooden panels with the suction shot. Use the vacuum to move the valve to the right. Open the chest while you’re here.

Return above and point the vacuum to the bathtub faucet and blow (ZL) until the shower fills the tub.

A yellow case will appear. Break it open with the suction shot. Once it’s open, you’ll have the yellow gem.

RIP Suites Gem #5

Go to room 507 and enter the bathroom on the right.

Head straight ahead and pull the sheet to reveal a huge hole in the wall.

Clear the debris out of the way with the suction shot the use Gooigi to go through the wooden bars.

RIP Suites Gem #1

Head to room 508 (E.Gadd’s room) and exit onto the balcony by taking the door in the back left of the room.

Look through the telescope and that will reveal a ghost who has a gem inside. Capture the ghost for the final gem.

  • Hall of Armor: 1 Gem
  • Armory: 1 Gem
  • Cellar: 1 Gem
  • Cage-Life Room (bottom floor): 1 Gem
  • Coliseum Hallway: 1 Gem
  • Coliseum Balcony: 1 Gem

Castle Macfrights Gem #2

Continue forward and you’ll reach an entryway with a few knights in armor in both sides. Shine your Dark Light on the entryway that’s in the back right to reveal another set of knight armor.

Use the suction shot to slam this and reveal a gem.

Castle Macfrights Gem #5

Use the suction shot and pull on the suspicious-looking brick.

This will reveal a secret area with a treasure chest. Inside is another gem.

Castle MacFrights Gem #3

Look through the crack in the standing barrel to get a sense of where you’re about to go.

Open the barrel on the right using your suction shot. Enter the barrel and walk to the right, then walk up the ladder.

Once you reach the top of the ladder, grab the gem.

Castle MacFrights Gem #6

Blow the fan on the wall on the left so that the cage is lowered.

Have Gooigi enter the cage to get the gem.

Castle MacFrights #4

You’ll pass a banner, some missing stones in the wall, another 2 banners, and a mysterious set of bricks. Shine your Dark Light on it to reveal a door.

Head through the door and you’ll enter the secret stash which will give you another gem and some serious coin.

Castle MacFright Gem #1

On your way to the exit, you’ll pass two suits of armor. The second one you pass (after the treasure chest) is holding popcorn and a gem!

Suck the gem up to collect it.

  • Elevator hallway: 1 Gem
  • Blooming Suite: 1 Gem
  • Blooming Bathroom: 1 Gem
  • Ivy Bathroom: 1 Gem
  • Mushroom Suite: 1 Gem
  • Outside by the venus flytrap: 1 Gem

Garden Suites Gem #6

Before you head through the first door on the floor, shine the Dark Light on the area underneath the yellow painting.

Vacuum up the Gem.

Garden Suites Gem #2

Approach the right side of the bed and investigate the nightstand.

Pull off the panel on the nightstand.

Send Gooigi through the pipe and he’ll appear at the top of the bed’s canopy.

Flash the flower with the Stobulb to reveal the gem inside.

Garden Suites Gem #5

Vacuum up all those petals (even the ones in the bathtub), revealing a gem.

Have Gooigi drop into the grate.

Once down there, head towards the camera. Then suck up the pile of petals and you’ll be near 3 pipes. The one the back leads to the gem. You need to vacuum up the leaves to see it.

Take the pipe to the bathtub and grab the gem.

Garden Suites Gem #1

Use the Dark Light on the ground

Use Gooigi to head down below. Once you're there, have Gooigi use the Dark Light on the pipe. Then, use Luigi to move the faucet so the tub runs. The water will pour and grow a flower down below (where Gooigi is). Finally, have Gooigi, flash the flower with the Strobulb to reveal the gem.

Garden Suites Gem #4

Walk over to the bed and follow the blue flat vine path down below.

Use Gooigi to head through the pipe in the back and then flash the flower to reveal another gem.

Garden Suites Gem #3

Before you head down to fight the gardener boss, walk to the edge of the flower on the left. Vacuum and eventually something will happen.

You’ll unravel one more path!

Cross the path and head to the back. Vacuum the leaves to reveal another passageway.

Head through and walk to the right until you reach the final gem.

  • Elevator Hall: 1 Gem
  • Studio Entrance: 2 Gems
  • Backstage: 1 Gem
  • Studio 3: Fire Set: 1 Gem
  • Studio 4: Micro Set: 1 Gem

Paranormal Productions Gem #5

Vacuum the helicopter blades and a gem will pop out of the vehicle.

The red carpet will lead you down a gallery of portraits and into the next room.

Paranormal Productions Gem #6

Notice the brass container with the film canister. Vacuum the brass ball on the rope, connected to that brass structure. Pulling it will move the camera on the wall and spit out a gem.

Use Gooigi to slip through the bars and get behind the counter to pick up the gem.

Paranormal Productions Gem #2

Finally, return to the tv room before the main door and suction shot/pull the potted plant so that it breaks. Notice the slightly rolled carpet corner. Vacuum that corner to reveal a gem.

Vacuum up that carpet for a surprise gem.

Paranormal Productions Gem #1

Head to the back right to pull the cover off the bike's basket by vacuuming it up. This will reveal a ghost with a gem inside it. Capture that ghost to get a gem.

Paranormal Productions Gem #4

  • Exhibit Hall: 6 Gems (specifically: 3 are in cases, 2 are somewhere in front of the elevator, 1 requires you to find a blinking light).

Unnatural History Museum Gem #2Vacuum the desk chairs so it spins.

After it spins for a while, the area will flip over to reveal a treasure chest. Open it and a gem will pop out.

Unnatural History Museum Gem #3Once you exit the elevator, head to the hallway on the left. The one with bones and flowers. Vacuum the flowers. Then flash the blinking light that's on the column using your Strobulb.This will cause the fossil to move and reveal a safe. Flash the light on the safe with the Strobulb to open it. A gem will be revealed.

Unnatural History Museum Gem #6As soon as you exit the exhibit hall, head right. Vacuum toad and shoot him at the glass case with the yellow gem inside it. This will break the case and reveal the gem.

Unnatural History Museum Gem #1Continue to the right, moving forward towards the elevator. Vacuum toad to shoot him at the case holding the vase and stacks of coins. Breaking that vase will reveal a ghost who has a gem inside it. Capture it to get the gem.

On your left there’s another glass case with a single orb inside. Vacuum up the toad, aim him at the glass, shoot him out to break it.

Once the glass is destroyed, shine your Dark Light on it. Suck up the ghost orbs, as usual, and get a gem.

Unnatural History Museum Gem #5

Head to the glass case on the right side of the room and shoot toad into it.

With the glass broken, you’ll be able to grab the gem.

Unnatural History Museum Gem #4

Before you leave shoot toad at the pterodactyl strung above you. A gem will fall out.

  • Elevator Hall: 1 Gem
  • Sandy Grad Hall: 2 Gems
  • Central Chamber: 1 Gem
  • Scale Chamber: 1 Gem
  • Jewel Chamber: 1 Gem

  • Elevator Hall: 2 Gems
  • Grotto Lounge: 1 Gem
  • Beach: 3 Gems

  • Elevator Hall: 1 Gem
  • Gym Lobby: 1 Gem
  • Locker Room (far left section): 1 Gem
  • Weight Room: 1 Gem
  • Training Room: 1 Gem
  • Shower Room: 1 Gem

  • Elevator Hall: 2 Gems
  • Elevator Hall (coat room): 1 Gem
  • Dance Floor: 3 Gems

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