Live: Schell Games Q&A On I Expect You To Die 2!

Got any burning questions about I Expect You To Die 2? You can ask Schell directly in our virtual studio today at 6am PT/2pm UK!

Project Director Charlie Amis is stepping into the studio as part of our Upload Access coverage on the game. I Expect You To Die 2 brings players back into the world of spy-themed escape room puzzles, with fresh new challenges to tackle. The first game was one of the most popular puzzle titles of its time and we’ll be interested to hear what Schell is doing to improve the formula for this next iteration.

We’ll be live in our YouTube studio in the video above. If you want to ask anything, just leave a question in chat and we’ll try and pick up on it during the show!

We’ve had plenty more I Expect You To Die 2 coverage as part of Upload Access this month. Last week we debuted exclusive concept art from the game and got a glimpse of new gameplay before that. Stay tuned for a look back at Schell’s history with Jesse Schell and more. The game itself is out on August 24 on Quest, PSVR and PC VR.

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