Littlewood: What You Should Sell And Where To Sell Them

It can be confusing learning how to sell things in Littlewood. You don’t just harvest crops and monster trophies and sell them at the general store. From exploring the forest, mines, and other areas in the world you’ll eventually have an inventory full of fun stuff. It’s important to know which of these items should be kept and which should be sold.

Earning Dewdrops, the currency in Littlewood, is vital because you’ll need money to upgrade your town’s facilities and to buy furniture. Furniture is needed to decorate your town and make every villager satisfied with their home. Upgrading your stores and facilities allows them to produce better items for you. Here’s everything you need to know about selling.

Get Rid Of Those Miscellaneous Items

Through cave-dwelling, you may find random materials like purple dust. This dust is used as currency specifically for the mines. In the marketplace for the Dust Cavern, you can use this dust to buy upgrades. You can sell this dust instead if your priorities are elsewhere.

  • Large Feathers sell for 50 Dewdrops and can be obtained by catching bugs.
  • Butterflies can be donated to the Museum but will also sell for up to 500 Dewdrops, depending on how rare they are.
  • Fish are used in some Tavern recipes, but if you’re stacking up fish you can sell them for over 100 Dewdrops.
  • Dark Matter is a resource obtained from chests in the Dust Cavern mines. It acts as a currency for a town event called A Mysterious Visitor, but other than that can be sold for 18 Dewdrops each.
  • Heroic Merit is one of many random miscellaneous items that you can only really sell for some Dewdrops. You’ll get these in the mail or from chests.

As you go through each day in Littlewood, you’ll get mail from your friends. Mail usually consists of rare items that go to your miscellaneous tabs in your inventory. The most you can do with these items is sell them for Dewdrops unless they are Deluca Coins.

Deluca Coins can be used as gambling currency at Port City Deluca’s casino, once you unlock the location with the hot air balloon. All in all, feel free to sell your miscellaneous items over your main materials.

Sell All Of Your Weeds

There will be a lot of weeds to clean up when you first wake up in your new town. After that, there’s plenty to pick in the Dust Cavern and Endless Forest, giving you gathering experience. There’s even a spring event called A Plague Of Weeds where hundreds of weeds will riddle your town. Weeds can be used in certain recipes for the Tavern, but are mostly for selling.

You can’t ever have too many weeds. Just start selling them for some extra money! Especially if you don’t want to risk selling any other item in hopes you may need it later. You definitely won’t need weeds.

Sell Some Harvested Crops

At the beginning of the game, you can only have six crops in total. When you build your Office, you can donate Dewdrops and upgrade it for better Wishes. Some Wishes allow you to plant more crops. When you can only have a small number of crops, it’s best not to sell them. But later in the game, when you have a decent farm cultivating, don’t be shy to sell some crops.

To plant crops, you need the actual vegetable. Sometimes you’ll get a carrot or potato as a gift from a villager. You’ll also be able to purchase raw food from the general store, once it’s leveled up. With one potato, you can only plant one potato. To make a farm, you must enter Build Mode, place tilled soil down, then go into the Nature tab and select crops.

Where To Sell Them: The Marketplace

To actually sell anything, you need to build a Marketplace. Your villagers should ask you to build one during your first few days in the town. To find it, go into Build Mode, click the last option Objects, and then the Structures tab. At your Marketplace, you’ll be able to sell eight things a day. The next morning, Dewdrops will fill the spaces of your items for you to collect.

Sometimes Gobbys will visit the Marketplace and give you a few Dewdrops or a random item. Gobbys look like green goblins and are random civilians who don’t speak English but are very generous. They can also be found in your Tavern, where interacting with them will also yield some Dewdrops.

You may find traveling merchants or traders at the Marketplace. Travelers will gift you some valuable items. If you bump into the same traveler more than once, the gift will level-up, up to three times. They spawn either at the Marketplace or in the mines or forest. All Travelers have a spawn requirement, like having sold 50 weeds at the Marketplace.

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