Little Witch In The Woods: How To Harvest Every Creature

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  • Squishychub
  • Pumpkin Terrier
  • Bush Bug
  • Blue Moon Butterfly
  • Sprout Bird
  • Blue Bubble Lizard
  • One Eye Frog
  • Pompom
  • Tinkle Spider

For Ellie, the first step to becoming the ultimate apprentice witch in Little Witch in the Woods is to master potion-making. You simply cannot make a potion without the right ingredients. Luckily, the woods are filled with plants and creatures that give bountiful potion ingredients.

Gathering ingredients from creatures is not always straightforward. Each one might require a different approach, tool, or method in order to harvest the ingredient they provide. It is always a good idea to draw creatures with your quill before approaching them for additional clues. If you are struggling to figure out how to catch all the critters, this guide covers every creature and how to harvest them.


  • Location: Green Forest Plains
  • Time Of Day: Daytime

Squishychubs are one of the first critters you come across in Little Witch in the Woods. You can find groups of them bouncing around their little burrows in the Green Forest Plains just south of the Witch's House. To collect their Squishychub fur, approach very slowly by tapping the movement button or walking slowly towards them.

Hold Shift or LB while moving forward to walk slowly rather than sprinting.

When you are close enough, stand still and the Squishychubs will grow curious. They will hop towards you with a question mark above their head. Once they are in grabbing distance, you only need to interact with them with your "hand" tool to give 'em a good squish. If you are quick, you can grab a couple more before they all hop away to their hole.

Pumpkin Terrier

  • Location: Green Forest Plains
  • Time Of Day: Daytime/Nighttime

This devilish-looking pup appears day or night, though you will see more in the Green Forest Plains once it gets dark. They disguise themselves in pumpkin vines, so if you wanted, you could use Weed Terminator potion to unveil their "true" form. However, you will not need a potion to harvest Pumpkin Terrier Fur.

Simply use your "hand" tool to interact with the Pumpkin Terrier, chasing it every time it runs away until it drops a tuft of Pumpkin Terrier Fur.

Bush Bug

  • Location: All
  • Time Of Day: Daytime/Nighttime

Bush Bugs can be found anywhere you might find a bush! If you see a bush that is shaking, interact with it to give it a good rustle. This sends the Bush Bug into the air, giving you a few moments to catch it with your net.

Blue Moon Butterfly

  • Location: Green Forest Waterfall, Green Forest Plateau
  • Time Of Day: Nighttime

You can unlock the passage to Green Forest Waterfall by using a Nutrition Potion on the shrunken vine in Green Forest Plateau.

After the prologue, you will start to see Blue Moon Butterflies congregating around clusters of flowers at night. They can be quick to startle, so walk up to them slowly. If you do spook them, they should settle down shortly. Once you are close enough, you just need to catch them with your net.

Sprout Bird

  • Location: Green Forest Waterfall, Green Forest Plateau
  • Time Of Day: Daytime

The Green Forest Plateau is a particularly good place to look for Sprout Birds. If you think you are ever going to get closer enough to catch one though, you would be wrong.

Slowly approach a Sprout Bird until you are at a comfortable distance. You will notice that when they are unaware of you, occasionally the little flower on their head will bloom before quickly wilting. Walk towards the Sprout Bird once you see the flower bloom, and if you time it right, a Bird Flower should drop when it flies away.

Blue Bubble Lizard

  • Location: Green Forest Waterfall
  • Time Of Day: Daytime

Most of the creatures you will meet in Little Witch in the Woods are quite shy, but not Blue Bubble Lizards. If you approach them around their pond habitats in the Green Forest Waterfall area, they will snuggle up to you.

When they flip over to expose their belly, you can give them some pats. The Blue Bubble Lizard will produce a hard Smile Bubble in contentment, which you can collect with your net before the Blue Bubble Lizard returns to its watery home.

One Eye Frog

  • Location: Green Forest Waterfall
  • Time Of Day: Nighttime

These nocturnal amphibians can be found around the edges of the pond and stream in Green Forest Water. They are extremely skittish, so approach slowly. You will need the whole frog for any potion, so once you are close enough catch it with your net.


  • Location: Green Forest Depths
  • Time Of Day: Nighttime

You can spot the Pompoms slumbering in the treetops during the day in Green Forest Depths, but they are only active at night. Luckily, so are some bioluminescent Bush Bugs. This is lucky because Pompoms are attracted to anything bright and shiny.

To reach this part of the forest, you will first need to scare the Gaga Bird away by obtaining the Earmuff Potion.

If you can approach them slowly, turning away anytime you attract their attention, you should be able to get close enough to the Pompom to harvest its Tail Feather. Fortunately, if you fail to sneak up on them, the Pompom will just run further away rather than disappear entirely.

Tinkle Spider

  • Location: Green Forest Depths
  • Time Of Day: Daytime

Like the One Eye Frog, the Tinkle Spider is impossible to catch unless you sneak up on it walking very slowly. Once close enough, you should be able to snag it with your net to catch the whole spider.

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