Limited edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch is back in stock in the UK

New stock for the special Nintendo Switch console variant has popped up on Nintendo’s own store, but you’d better act fast.

At the beginning of the year, a special Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch console was made available to purchase.

Its release was obviously to tie-in with Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s launch in March. Unsurprisingly, it sold out, but now it’s back in stock on Nintendo’s own website.

Priced at £319.99, it comes with the console itself (with the improved battery), the dock to connect it to the TV, and a pair of Joy-Con controllers, as well as a digital copy of New Horizons.

The site only allows one order per customer, which will hopefully help prevent it from becoming a new target for scalpers, which is what happened with the PlayStation 5.

In America, Walmart is selling the console too for $299. Like Nintendo’s site, it offers free delivery but it won’t arrive until January. So if you want to get it sooner, you’ll need to pay extra.

While no doubt appealing for long-time fans of the series, this is also perfect for anyone who’s been meaning to get a Switch themselves.

It could make for a great Christmas present too, with Nintendo’s site promising to dispatch stock on December 9.

Given how popular an item this is, though, you’ll need to act fast if you’re thinking of getting one.

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