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To be a real hero in Lil Gator Game, you'll need a sword. Or a paintbrush. Or was it a magical wand? No matter your preference, every hero needs a weapon to defeat bad guys and the many hordes of monsters in your way, and – thankfully – there are plenty of weapons to choose from.

To get a weapon, you'll need to complete a variety of tasks set by the friends you meet along the way. Completing the quests set by your new friends will earn you weapons and weapon recipes that you can use to diversify your lil' gator and make them truly unique.

How To Get Weapons

Every weapon on your journey will be available through a quest given to you by a potential friend. There are two ways to earn a weapon:

  • Be gifted one for free by completing a quest
  • Be given a recipe by completing a quest, from which you can craft your weapon

Once you have a weapon, you should try it on and check out any special effects it may have. The Painter's Brush, for example, may leave paint splatters on things you hit. Altogether, there are 12 weapons to find, and they are:

All Weapons



Quest Description

Crafting Cost



Find the stick in the woods Jill points to, nestled in a circular pit


Wooden Sword


Return to where you found the stick and speak with Franny

N/A – Given when returning to where you found the stick after Jill's quest

Bug Net


Speak with Antone


Paleolithic Tool


Finish Susanne's questline by finding the Beach Rock past Billy the Whale behind a boulder. Return with the rock and whack it until it becomes a tool


Princess Wand

Tiffany & Carol

Destroy the non-pink monsters around Tiffany, speak with her, and then interrupt Carol's phone call




Destroy some of the monsters leading up to Leeland and then select the 80 scraps option when asked. He'll return some of your scraps and then give you the recipe for a paintbrush


Cardboard Spear


Comfort Luisa


Oversized Pencil


Pick up Sam's pencil when dropped three times


Laser Sword


Destroy the nearby monsters with your normal weapon, then destroy the reinforcements with your blaster, and again shoot the 'mothership' with your new blaster




Purchase the items from Roy's "Junk 4 Sale"

299 – bought from Roy



Destroy all 5 black monsters nearby within the time limit


Grabby Hand


Purchase the items from Roy's "Junk 4 Sale"

299 – bought from Roy

How To Craft And Change Weapons

To be able to see your weapons, you must press – on your Nintendo Switch controller, or TAB on your PC. This will take you to the items and crafting menu where you will see all of your hats, weapons, shields, and belt items.

Once there, you'll be able to swap weapons by selecting them. Keep in mind that selecting an uncrafted weapon will automatically spend your scraps, and while you can't preview a weapon before purchasing it, you can see a short description and picture of the item, in case you're still unsure about spending the scraps just yet. Once you purchase the weapon, it will be yours forever and you can use it whenever you want.

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