Lenovo Legion Y25-30 review – Peak performance at an affordable price

The Lenovo Legion Y25-30 isn’t exactly the most exciting PC monitor on the market today. It doesn’t have the size or the curves of its ultra-premium rivals, and you can forget about playing the latest triple-A blockbusters in 8K or even 4K resolution. If it were a car and we were basing our opinion on looks and style alone, then the Lenovo Legion Y25-30 is more Ford Focus than Ferrari.

Lenovo Legion Y25-30 PC monitor

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Lenovo Legion Y25-30 features a 280Hz refresh rate and HDR-400 technology.

Fortunately, however, the Lenovo Legion Y25-30 is far more impressive when you lift up the bonnet and take a look at the engine beneath.

It packs a punch where it matters most, offering excellent performance for a fanbase that craves speed and responsiveness above all else.

Indeed, the monitor’s biggest selling point is its 240Hz refresh rate, which makes it perfect for people who value frame-rates over fidelity. Even more impressive is the 1ms response time, not to mention the ability to reach speeds of 280Hz when overclocked.

The insanely high refresh rate does, however, come at the expense of resolution. The Lenovo Legion Y25-30 offers the standard Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which means big budget games won’t sparkle in quite the same way as on a 4K monitor.

That’s not to say games look in any way dull or drab. The HDR-400 display ensures colours are bright and vivid, something which is further bolstered on a game by game basis thanks to the wide variety of settings and presets available via the menu.

Factor in the IPS (in-plane switching) panel and 120% sRGB colour space, and you’re probably not going to notice too much of a difference between the Lenovo Legion Y25-30 and a 2K (QHD) monitor.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of built-in speakers, something which a lot of similarly priced monitors don’t have. The 3W stereo speakers aren’t particularly beefy (I’d still recommend plugging in a pair of headphones if you have them), but they’re a perfectly serviceable substitute for when you don’t have a headset to hand.

While the ultra-fast refresh rate and impressive colour display more than make up for the lack of 4K resolution, the smaller size of the monitor (it measures in at 24.5-inches) may be more off-putting. It really comes down to personal preference, and what you’re used to. 

If this is your first PC monitor, or your previous model featured roughly the same measurements, then the Lenovo Legion Y25-30 and its 240Hz refresh rate is an excellent choice. If, however, you’re used to something around the 30-inch mark or bigger, then you might want to look elsewhere.

One of the benefits of the smaller, more compact size is that the Lenovo Legion Y25-30 is easy to assemble, and can be twisted, turned, swivelled and slid in all directions.

You can even rotate it 90 degrees and use it in portrait mode, which makes it the perfect monitor for the recently released Toaplan Shoot-em-up Bundle on Steam. 


In fact, whether or not you should invest in the Lenovo Legion Y25-30 really comes down to what kind of games you’re looking to play.

If you spend most of your time playing slower-paced strategy titles, or single-player adventure games with stunning game worlds, then you may want to invest in a curved 4K (UHD) monitor.

If, however, you’re more interested in high-speed action games, racing titles, plus first and third-person shooters with a competitive element, then the Lenovo Legion’s ultra-smooth, super speedy performance ticks all the boxes.

Priced at just under £300, the Lenovo Legion Y25-30 packs one hell of a punch while providing excellent value for money.


Lenovo Legion Y25-30 PC monitor

£299.99 View Deal

Lenovo Legion Y25-30 features a 280Hz refresh rate and HDR-400 technology.

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