Learning With Pibby Infects Adult Swim For April Fool’s Day

Learning With Pibby infected an Adult Swim broadcast live for April Fool's Day.

For a Halloween treat last year, Adult Swim debuted a trailer for Come and Learn with Pibby, an adult cartoon that took the protagonist of a learning show for toddlers and put them in an apocalyptic setting, complete with Cartoon Network characters that have been taken over by some sort of darkness.

The trailer quickly went viral thanks to how it showed beloved characters like Shaggy, Finn, Jake, and Fred Flintstone in a much scarier light. Many called for the show to be officially greenlit and turned into a series, as the trailer was more a proof of concept, and it looks like that's a little closer to happening.

To celebrate April Fool's Day, Adult Swim had Pibby, Bun-Bun, and the glitchy darkness infect a whole hour of broadcasting. It started with Pibby appearing in Rick and Morty, with glitches periodically appearing throughout the episode and even taking over Morty in a scene that'll surely haunt anyone who had no idea what was going on.

It then made its way over to Smiling Friends, briefly taking over a background character and being seen in several shots as Charlie made his way through hell. In a brief ad segment, Bun-Bun came into frame with glitchy eyes and told the audience they should let the darkness take them.

Things only got more creepy from there, as shows became more warped as the broadcast continued. It all ended with Pibby being separated from Bun-Bun and begging the audience to help her out. Chills.

Whether this is a hint towards Pibby being turned into a full show or just a very elaborate April Fool's Day joke isn't clear, but it's impressive nonetheless. Some have pointed out that the Come and Learn with Pibby short has now appeared on HBO Max as a "new trailer", with the darkness also taking over the service. Looks like we may see more soon.

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