League Of Legends: Wild Rift’s Camille Gets Nerfed Just Days After Beta Release

With each day, League of Legends is nearing the release of Wild Rift and along with it, we are getting six new champions to choose from. One of those champions, Camille, got nerfed just days after her beta release.

Camille appears to be the fifth of six new champions to be added to the game this year, with the sixth possibly being the imaginary pop-star Seraphine, who is assumed to be a mage mid-laner. The AD carry Samira—who was the most recent release—was met with a lot of player anger, because she was not nerfed during the beta; upon her debut, Samira was widely considered to be broken.

It appears that the design team learned their lesson from the Samira fiasco, because they were quick to nerf Camille—this time during the champion’s beta testing. Camille’s base attack damage has been reduced nearly 20%, from 70 to 58. She also received a longer cool-down, and her CD refund when hitting another champion was reduced by 50%.

Camille—back when she was just a nameless, faceless champion—was described as “an extremely dangerous runaway fugitive. They are heavily armored and punish those wearing heavy armor by killing them and leaving their armor ‘twisted and shattered’, littering the ground around them.” Now revealed, Camille certainly fits that description. Even with the new reduction in stats, the champion is still likely to cause problems if you’re facing off against her.

Gameplay balance is critical to a game like League of Legends. Tens of thousands of dollars could be at stake in a single game, so ensuring fairness is a top priority for Riot Games. Aside from that, it’s just not fun to play a game that is inherently unfair. League of Legends lead game designer Mark Yetter understands that, but implies that finding that balance is more of an art than a science, which is why champions will often get hot fixes after release.

Much of the frustration that players have with Riot is that they don’t feel that their input during the beta testing is taken into account—particularly if a character still needs fixing after the beta. Hopefully, Camille represents a change in philosophy at Riot and there will be fewer hot fixes needed after beta testing new champions.

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