League Of Legends: 10 Memes Long-Time Fans Will Love

League of Legends has existed for over a decade and means so many things to so many different people. Long-time players have both enjoyed it as a fun experience with friends and a gateway to competitive gaming, while there are still endless casual summoners and non-players that take the game in as a sport, thanks to its massive and well-produced Championship Series.

Its time in the world of gaming has also led to countless memes, many of which can only be understood by those who have had an intimate relationship with the game in some way or another. If you’ve been a long-time League of Legends fan, you’re bound to be one of the few people to understand these popular memes and arcane gags from throughout the internet’s history.

10 The League Of Draven

There are few memes that have remained embedded in the minds of League players like Draven, the ADC with the biggest villainous smile of any champion to date. His standard facial expression was an iconic look, and one that many players quickly found could fit on all sorts of other champions.

There were countless attempts to put his face onto monsters, but by far the most common use of Draven’s face was to put it on conventionally-attractive and extremely popular female champions. Finding a Draven-faced champion is now incredibly easy for countless characters and skins.

9 Picking Favorites Through Lore

Perhaps one of the deepest cuts to be made of any meme comes in this reinterpretation of a Simpsons episode, discussing how Riot just adores talking about the Rakkor tribe. Those who don’t know the lore will know it relates to champions like Leona and Diantha, as well as some other oddities like Zoe and Aphelios.

Few players tend to focus on the lore of League of Legends, but memes like this may make a resurgence with the coming Netflix series and other League media set to come in the next few years. With these, we’re sure to see some patterns and favorites in who Riot wants to tell stories about.

8 Doublelift’s Emotional Sendoff

As one of the most recent events in League of Legends, DoubleLift’s retirement is one that may stick with a lot of long-time League players. He’s one of the few players in professional eSports that has truly come from humble beginnings, being strained with his family early in his life and building a career off of his immense competitive skill.

He’s one of the most well-known players of the game, and his retirement from professional play is one that hit players quite hard. It’s hard to describe it better than by this meme, comparing the sendoff to Toy Story 3’s emotional near-death experience.

7 The Nightmarish Jin Zhao

In a similar vein to the League of Draven, there are a ton of memes built around strange mods that combine champion character models with different movesets and poses. Some can end up extremely awkward and hilarious, but the similarly-named Jhin and Xin Zhao have had one of the most well-known combinations of any champion fusion.

What’s always been strange about this is how well it fits, as it looks bizarrely natural for Jhin to be holding this spear with his human hand. It still might look unnatural to fans and enemies of Jhin, but it’s somehow far more terrifying than either champion in their normal form.

6 The Lost Art Of Calling Lanes

Newer League players are sure to appreciate the lane selection screen, a relatively new addition to the game that lets you pick a lane to play before the game actually begins. Some may not know this wasn’t in the game’s inception, and instead players would literally have to claim lanes in the chat.

This was a literal disaster, and made the game unplayable in solo queue for all sorts of players. Unpopular lanes would often go empty and more people were inclined to grief and force themselves into other lanes, making the game unbearable on the same level as this tense Shrek 2 moment.

5 Gotta Get That Gank

If you haven’t been ganked by an enemy Rengar, you likely haven’t been playing League for a long time. Having something invisible, fast, and bursting with instant AD damage is an absolute menace, and Rolochan105 from Twitter is clearly aware of the frustration that bottom lane pairs like Lux and Sivir have over their additional threats.

This is easily one of the best meme recreations using League characters, with all kinds of little touches from Nasus’ hand on the back of his chair to a report window across the table from Rengar. Whether a jungler does too much or too little, players of all backgrounds can surely imagine something terrible that Rengar has done to deserve this reaction.

4 The Biggest Boy

Cho’Gath is truly one of the original memes of League of Legends, being a character with immense early popularity that’s dwindled over the years. This is much because of his absurdly high health bar, which only grows higher with kills from his ultimate, and despite this, there are still tons of DPS characters who still think they can beat him.

Cho’Gath doesn’t receive as much support in terms of skins or overpowered abilities anymore, but he’s still quite a menace and the worthless effort of trying to whittle down his health bar is perfectly captured by this Tom & Jerry meme. That said, it might be even truer for some players to see the support player try too hard as well.

3 Hundreds Of Hours Without Any Fun

There is no meme in League of Legends quite like how un-fun it is. It’s not unusual to talk smack about the game you love, or make self-deprecating jokes about yourself and other players, but League’s popularity and various player controversies make it one of the most common games to claim isn’t fun.

Despite these memes, the ones making it almost always are the most dedicated players, who know to take in all the suffering it causes. It’s still a spectacular game by most standards, but it’s clear that the players will never drop the lie that they’re just torturing themselves by putting time and money into it.

2 There Once Was An Axe That Used CC

If you’re wanting to get better at League of Legends, one of the best suggestions anyone can give is to try playing characters that stun enemies. Many characters will only have a single slow or disable move, including the most popular support champions, but some like Darius can have an alarming amount of crowd control despite being a damage-dealing bruiser.

As a result, Darius is one of the more infamous characters of the game, and a go-to ban even to this day. It’s not that he’s inherently overpowered, but laning against a champion like him who can just stop you from making your combos can undoubtedly be infuriating.

1 Forests Full Of Skill Trees

The original mastery trees for League of Legends are thankfully a thing of the past, as well as the complicated rune pages that defined competitive play. These were widely considered too complicated and massively prohibitive, but older players got so used to them that it feels like a huge throwback to see these confusing icons and menus again.

League has evolved in so many massive ways over the decade, and the oldest players surely feel like these Simpsons elders when seeing some of the older traits of the game. Considering how old the game is, it’s easy to imagine the oldest players looking more like these characters than ever if the game continues to thrive.

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