Latest Genshin Impact Teaser Trailer Offers A Peek At The Game’s Backstory

Genshin Impact may have gotten off to a rocky start after its 2019 reveal, labelled as a clone of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, miHoYo released a new story teaser trailer that focuses on the reasoning behind your exploration of Teyvat. The trailer seems very much intended to separate this IP from the Hyrule aesthetic.

The one minute teaser, titled “Story Teaser: Gnostic Chorus,” details a heavenly kingdom that sent forth a royal heir to locate the Genesis Pearl, hidden within the Kingdom of Darkness. The trailer describes how the first heir who began her search for the pearl was betrayed by an unknown force, and subsequently lost the memory of her kingdom. Without the memory of her origins, she began to believe that the Kingdom of Darkness was where she belonged. The trailer concluded with the introduction of a second heir, played by you, who will once again set out on the quest to retrieve the Genesis Pearl.

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Genshin Impact originally teased that the player would guide a traveler – with the option of being male or female – towards finding a long lost sibling, who we now know belongs to royal and godly descent. These chosen travelers are given gemstones that allow them to control a particular element, that aids the perilous encounters they meet within each of the game’s quests. Whilst discovering more about the Gods, another presumable task will be to retrieve your sibling from the clutches of evil, and recover the Genesis Pearl.

Retrieving elemental gems from the dark side may not put a whole lot of distance between Genshin Impact and Zelda lore, but the game looks inviting nonetheless. Its enhanced saturation and pastel tones inevitably links (excuse the pun) it to the Nintendo behemoth, but Genshin Impact also appears to be home to multiple genres.

Early reviews pegged the free-to-play, open world RPG as thrilling and visually stunning, despite some confusion around defining what game it was. When it was revealed as a mobile game – that would later be joining PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch – gamers became confused over what they could expect from the game, and what genre it belonged to. However, putting aside its quest for identity, Genshin Impact will most definitely be a feast for the eyes, and hopefully something for everyone.

Genshin Impact will be free-to-play on PS4 September 28.

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