Latest Cyberpunk Patch Traps PS4 Players On The Options Menu

You thought the weekend might stop it, but it’s time for another installment of Cyberpunk 2077 bugs. Our latest episode comes right on the heels of Sony offering full refunds of the game and ripping it off the PS Store. This prompted Microsoft to do the same, then Best Buy, and eventually developer CDPR itself had to offer refunds for physical copies of the game. Much of this had to do with poor performance on PS4 and Xbox One. Now, an attempt to patch these issues is making it worse for some PS4 players.

CDPR put out a quick 1.05 hotfix patch to address some of the more pressing bugs, such as those that stop NPCs from acting strangely and making it impossible to complete quests. Other fun bugs being fixed are T-posing civilians, V suddenly losing their clothes, and some fixes to the way vehicles are rendered. That all sounds well and good, except it turns out several PlayStation users are now finding themselves locked into the Options part of the Main Menu.

As discovered by @LegacyKillaHD, the Reddit thread about the 1.05 patch has a lot of users reporting that they can’t leave the options menu. They apparently go into the menu to tweak graphics settings and get stuck there.

The funny thing about this is that the reason they’re all going to fix graphics settings in the first place is because another bug constantly reset them to default. This new patch supposedly fixed that, so these players are attempting to set their graphics preferences for the last time. In trying to undo the effects of one bug that was supposedly patched, PS4 owners have run into another bug.

The solution at the moment appears to be simple – close the game and restart. Fortunately it’s not a game-breaking bug, but it is another irritating cherry on top of a large sundae of frustration. The best bet for those wishing to enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 (without buying a good gaming PC) is to just get a refund and buy it again once it’s fixed.

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