Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society – Class Tier List Guide

Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society has multiple classes you can choose from to create your puppets. With eight classes in the game, each offers unique strengths, making them all viable while completing the game. You can adjust them with Pacts, and you’ll create powerful teams and allow them to fill roles.

Since you can form various pacts to create your teams, you’ll want to know which characters synergize the best and who you should utilize. Doing so requires you to understand what each class offers, so find out which ones help the most in combat.

The Tier List

Tier List Rank



Theatrical Star, Peer Fortress


Shinomashira, Magia Maid


Aster Crow, Rapid Ventor


Wonder Corsair, Famyu Seeker

Theatrical Star

If you need someone to fill a role in your team, you should utilize the Theatrical Star. The class offers multiple benefits that make it one of the best options.

  • They passively heal teammates next to them each turn.
  • They deal decent damage with bells and attack multiple enemies at once.
  • They can fight from the Vanguard or Rearguard, giving them more team synergy.

The balance of healing and damage helps them protect the team and keep them alive and offer good damage when they can’t attack. They only struggle with defense, but as long as you have a tank on the team, they’ll make a significant difference in battle, helping you win.

They can round out any Coven to make it stronger and more efficient. Ensure you place them in one with a Healing ability, so they’ll use their solid DP pool to keep you alive.

Also, since they can fight in the Vanguard and Rearguard, you can swap them based on the situation. If they run low on health, they can quickly go to the back row to survive while they heal and support the team. You’ll want to choose them as one of your starting classes and use them throughout the game.

Peer Fortress

Most of your teammates will go down quickly as you get to the deeper dungeons. As such, the Peer Fortress makes a great class — they work as an excellent tank to keep everyone alive. The only exception applies if you plan to go through the earlier floors to grind since you won’t need their defenses.

They have excellent benefits that make them a solid asset to your team.

  • They deal decent damage when you don’t need them to defend.
  • They can draw aggro and provoke enemies, getting your foes to focus their attacks on the Peer Fortress.
  • They have some of the best defensive stats in the game, allowing them to survive against the strongest foes and bosses.

If they keep provoking and fighting, they’ll protect the others. If you give them a counter-attack move, they can damage enemies significantly.

Their main weakness is their lower damage and inability to help against multi-hit moves since they’ll attack other teammates along with the Peer Fortress. However, since they’ll survive most hits, you’ll want to keep them around, especially for boss fights. You may even have multiples on your team, dedicating one for standard battles and saving the other for challenging fights.


If you want someone who can deal tons of damage, you’ll want the Shinomashira. Their DPS style with low defenses makes them the definition of a glass cannon: they’ll rip apart enemies, but they struggle to survive, meaning they rely on the supports and tanks to succeed.

However, they have some excellent benefits, making them great for most teams.

  • They deal tons of damage if you equip them with two weapons.
  • They have a significant attack stat boost, ensuring they’ll always be strong.
  • They synergize well with most teams.

While they're strong characters that you need to deal damage and cut through enemies, they can’t fight independently. You’ll want them in the front lines, though you could have a backup Shinomashira to pull them into the team right before boss fights. As such, they do one thing well, making them a solid choice, but they don’t have the flexibility needed for an S-tier choice.

Magia Maid

Magia Maids have an interesting situation since they have high damage potential based on the situation. The class focuses on burst damage rather than DPS, helping you quickly remove powerful enemies.

  • They deal amazing damage with Donum, allowing them to destroy enemies quickly.
  • They have naturally high charm, allowing them to avoid damage.
  • They can add a significant amount of DP to a team, helping it cast spells more often.

While they work well as a class, they fall short in multiple areas. For example, they lack physical damage and defense, which means they can’t take hits and won’t deal much damage without DP. Once they run out, they become practically useless.

On top of that, you must find an ideal pact for them since they’ll need Donum abilities to contribute during battles. You won’t usually have them in the front lines, but they can provide excellent damage from the Rearguard.

Overall, Magia Maids contribute the most against enemies who resist physical damage and large groups. You’ll also want to bring them to battle for boss fights since they’ll deal tons of damage.

Aster Crow

If you want someone with solid defense and good strength, you can try Aster Crow. They offer some great uses that make them excellent choices for your team, but they’re not the best class available.

  • They have a good defense, so enemies won’t take them down quickly.
  • They can fight in the Vanguard or Rearguard with no penalties.
  • They synergize well with pacts since they can add to the damage and defensive stats.

Aster Crows aren’t bad classes, but other classes do what they do better. They work as a mix between the Peer Fortress and Shinomashira. However, they don’t excel at damage or defense, so they work better as an addition to a team rather than a main focus.

Remember that just because they’re B-tier doesn’t make them bad. Aster Crows have their place in teams since they can take hits and protect other teammates while dealing consistent damage. That makes them great for standard battles and as a frontline.

Rapid Venator

As you round out your team with DPS and damage, you’ll want to consider the Rapid Venator. The class offers great benefits, making it a solid choice if you plan to improve your team.

  • They have solid accuracy and speed.
  • They can deal good damage through their abilities.
  • They have a long-range weapon, allowing them solid damage from the Rearguard.

The Rapid Venator helps your team deal more damage, but they can’t take many hits. They don’t deal as much damage as Shinomashiras or Magia Maids, but they can provide additional support.

They work as a good in-between for those classes since they can deal decent damage with physical and elemental attacks. They won’t be the main focus of your team and don’t excel at a damage type, but the additional hits make them a great choice to improve your party.

Wonder Corsair

The Wonder Corsair sounds good on paper but falls short in multiple ways. They perfectly fit the old saying, “jack-of-all-trades, master of none.” However, they have advantages that make them worth having on your team.

  • They have decent stat growths, so they can fill out most teams.
  • You can have them switch their purpose in the middle of battle, allowing them to offer support, soak damage, or deal some damage based on the situation.
  • They’re easy to switch in-between battles since they won’t mess with your team’s synergy.

Just because the Wonder Corsair is one of the weaker classes doesn’t make it useless. It’s still a solid class that can react to situations on the fly, think about what your team needs, and perform actions accordingly.

However, they’re extremely pact-dependent, so they may struggle if they don’t have the right abilities. They also don’t excel in any of the roles, meaning they may have trouble contributing if you fill all the roles.

They work best as a backup for a party, waiting in the back of the team until one of your characters runs low on health. Then, you can swap them and continue exploring without any of your characters fainting.

Famyu Seeker

If you want a unique support class, you’ll want to include the Famyu Seeker in your party. The class has high agility and average charm but terrible stats everywhere else. While it may seem not significant, the class has plenty of benefits, making it essential to a party.

  • They're almost guaranteed to act first, thanks to the agility, while having a high dodge rate to minimize damage.
  • They're an excellent support class to round out a pact while prioritizing healing.
  • They have decent charm, so the character won’t get attacked often.

In essence, the Famyu Seeker works as a one-trick pony focused on providing support quickly and efficiently. While the class has excellent strengths, you never want them to be a stand-alone character in a pact.

On the other hand, the support aspect makes it amazing when you pair the class with other characters. The Famyu Seeker can help a pact act first, so they’ll heal the party and prevent anyone from getting knocked out before an enemy targets them. As such, they won’t be the star in the party, but they’ll effectively round it out.

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