Kynseed: Location Of All Basic Tools

Like most farming games, you need some basic tools to make country life easier in Kynseed, PixelCount Studios’ sandbox title. Buckets, pickaxes, fishing rods, you name it. Instead of crafting or buying most of these, Kynseed drops them right at your front door. Or somewhere near your front door. You just have to find them.

In Kynseed, getting your first wooden bucket, watering can, and fishing rod is easy. Retrieving them is part of the prologue where you’ll start learning how to use these tools. You can’t do most things on your farm, like refill troughs and collect honey, without your trusty buckets and rods.

Wooden Bucket – Willowdown Farm

You’ll probably start immediately exploring your farm when you’re able. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled near the pig pen. A wooden bucket can be found on its outer edge, in front of a tutorial signpost.

The wooden bucket allows you to clean up the feces your pig leaves behind. You’re urged not to use this bucket for anything else, but the game won’t stop you.

Tin Bucket – Candlewych Village

A day or two into your journey, your father will ask you to collect a tin bucket. This bucket won’t be found just sitting on the floor like your other tools. This you will have to purchase from the local general store for three coins.

Your father should give you enough money to make the purchase, but in case you splurged already, you can sell plants and food you picked up along the way. The tin bucket allows you to collect milk from your cow and water from the well.

  • The general store is located in Candlewych Village. Starting from your farm, go left into the neighboring village, then go down to the South-East portion of the screen. The general store will be at the center.

Fishing Rod – Dreamer’s Nook

The first piece of mail you’ll receive in the game is a letter from a special guy named Twig. You’ll know if you have mail by the wooden mailbox near the cow and pig pen. If it has a red flag on it, you got mail.

Twig is located in Dreamer’s Nook, which is a small area directly North of your farm. He lives in a large tree by himself, not much else there but his house and a pond. Speak to him to receive a free fishing rod and have a go at it near the pond. Collect the fish he spoke of for fishing rod upgrades.

Watering Can – Willowdown Farm

To maintain your Kynseed farm and actually grow and sell crops, you’ll want a watering can. You can’t trust that it will rain every day, especially if you haven’t been giving offerings to any Goddesses.

Your free watering can is located directly in the middle of your three available crop locations. This is to the left of your house. Walk around the drops until you see the can glistening. Refill your watering can by interacting with it in your hand at the well to the right of your house.

Pickaxe – Candlewych Village

This is where things start to get a little tedious. Less easy to acquire. Everyone needs a pickaxe to mine, but where’s yours? By getting a sickle quest from your father that requires you to speak to the blacksmith in Candlewych Village, you’ll be prompted to visit the mines.

The blacksmith will give you a key to the mine entrance in the current area. This is located North of the blacksmith. When you get to the entrance, your free pickaxe should be magically awaiting you near some crates.

Sickle – Candlewych Village

Now that you’ve explored the Kynseed mines and used your pickaxe to its fullest potential, you can craft your sickle. This is where you’ll first learn how to blacksmith your own tools. That’s right, he won’t do it for you.

This system is sort of like a quick-time event or mini-game. After speaking to the blacksmith, interact with the furnace. You’ll have to click the screen at the right moments and pay attention to craft your sickle to perfection. If you mess up, you don’t get a sickle and have to mine some more tin and try again. Your sickle will be used for harvesting specific crops that can’t be done by hand.

Lantern – Willowdown Farm

This is the easiest basic tool to find in Kynseed. Simply wake up and walk a few feet through your house. A lantern will be sitting on the dining table in your house on the farm.

The lantern may just look like a golden jar in front of the candles, so it can be easy to miss. The lantern allows you to traverse through the mines easier and helps you make your way home at night.

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