Kirby Might Use Guns In The Forgotten Land

Nintendo revealed last September that a new Kirby game will be coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in the near future. A trailer for The Forgotten Land debuted during a Direct and certain elements of it gave off some serious The Last Of Us vibes. Don't panic, you're not about to be hounded by Clickers in a Kirby game. There's no denying that abandoned and overgrown mall looks like a more colorful version of the one from TLOU's Left Behind DLC, though.

While there won't be Clickers and Bloaters, the similarities between The Forgotten Land and TLOU might extend beyond a familiar mall. YouTuber GameXplain has highlighted that The Forgotten Land's ESRB makes mention of Kirby potentially using guns in his next game. “Players use swords, bombs, and blaster-type pistols to defeat enemies,” the rating summary reads.

Since Kirby's primary ability is absorbing the powers of his enemies, he doesn't often need to use guns, especially in his own games. In fact, the only times you'll regularly find Kirby with a gun in his hand is when he imitates the abilities of a rival he has inhaled in Smash Ultimate. For example, when Kirby inhales Star Fox, one of the abilities he adopts is a blaster pistol. He can also use Bayonetta and Joker's guns when utilizing their powers.

The rating summary also makes mention of “targeting and crosshairs for ranged firing”. GameXplain hypothesizes that could be something similar to the mechanic used in Sonic games for the blue blur's spin attack, but is more likely an extension of the guns mentioned earlier in the summary and how they will work. However guns are used in The Forgotten Land, the game will still have an E10+ rating with cartoon violence cited as the reason for that.

We actually still know very little about The Forgotten Land. Nintendo hasn't really mentioned anything at all beyond the game's initial reveal last year. The only additional information since then has been scraped together via tidbits like the gun one picked up through ESRB rating summaries. There has also been mention of online elements via a rating summary, but that could mean anything from multiplayer to a shared leaderboard.

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