Kingdoms Of Amalur: How To Increase Your Inventory

Inventory space is a delicate balance in RPGs like Kingdoms of Amalur. When you only have so much room to carry around all of your gear and loot, you might have to start making hard choices. Here’s how you can increase your inventory to avoid leaving anything behind.

While it might sound like a lot at first, Kingdoms of Amalur starts you off with a mere 70 inventory spots. If you enjoy looting and collecting everything you see on your quests, that limit will feel brutally small very early on. While you could make dozens of trips back and forth to town selling items, that’s way too time consuming for a hero such as yourself. Here’s how you can expand your inventory size to keep you adventuring for longer without having to constantly drop or sell your stock.

How To Increase Inventory Size In Kingdoms Of Amalur

There is only one item in the game you can purchase that will boost your inventory size, but you can get up to six of them. These are backpacks, and they must be purchased from specific vendors. Each backpack will give you an additional ten inventory slots, allowing you to nearly double your carrying capacity if you buy them all. Just make sure to stock up on some gold, because they can get quite pricey – especially if you want them all.

Where To Buy Backpacks

  1. Illyn Doldran in Mel Senshir for 8,750 Gold.
  2. Rikka Egest from The Corner Shop in Gorhart Village for 7,500 Gold.
  3. Riona Helt in Asker’s Alley, Ysa. You cannot access this until you have beaten the Old Friends, New Foes main quest, but can then buy this backpack for 7,200 Gold.
  4. Senecer Macit in Domus Politica, Adessa  for 7,800 Gold.
  5. Wil Donall in Rathir, the upper city of Scholia Arcana for 9,375 Gold.
  6. Ampelio found in Idylla Market as part of the Teeth of Naros DLC for 6,250 Gold.

Purchasing all six backpacks will set you back a grand total of 46,875 Gold, but give you a much more reasonable 120 spaces in your inventory. That cost is the maximum you will be charged, however. You can lower the prices if you invest some of your points into the Mercantile skill.

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