Kingdom Hearts 3 Mod Replaces Rage Form With Antiform From Kingdom Hearts 2

A Kingdom Hearts 3 modder has replaced Sora's dark transformation, Rage Form, with its superior counterpart from Kingdom Hearts 2 – Antiform.

One of the big gameplay mechanics introduced in Kingdom Hearts 2 were Drive Forms, temporary forms that Sora could transform into that improved different aspects of his toolkit, such as one focusing on attack, another focusing on magic, and one that enhanced everything. To make sure that Drive Forms couldn't be spammed, one form in the game, Antiform, would activate at random, turning Sora into a dark version of himself that was harder to control.

Although Antiform was intended as a way of preventing players from using Drive Forms too much, it ended up being just as popular as the other forms, and something that some players would actively seek out. A variant of this mechanic was added to Kingdom Hearts 3, Rage Form, once again turning Sora into a darker version of himself, but this time having it appear as an option when Sora was low on health.

Although Rage Form was unarguably stronger and more manageable than Antiform, the latter was still more popular for its unique Keyblade-less moveset. Thanks to the power of Kingdom Hearts 3's incredible modding community, players can now add Antiform into Sora's latest adventure, complete with all the same animations.

The mod, titled "Antiform – Rage Form Overhaul" comes courtesy of Nexus Mods user Sora101Ven and does exactly what it says on the tin, replacing Rage Form with an modified version of Antiform. As showcased in a video from The Gamers Joint, this version of Antiform has all the same melee-focused animations, as well as the unique Antiglide form ability that was present in Kingdom Hearts 2.

One unique element to the form that this mod introduces is the ability to use Antibreak and Antiheal to either deliver a strong punch that shatters blocks or restore some of your health. This appears to be based on Rage Form's Riskcharge move, which means that the mod is more of a nice melding of the two forms than it is an outright replacement.

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