Jynx Blow Trainers A Kiss When Whistled At In Crown Tundra

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s second DLC The Crown Tundra is out now, and players have already discovered something a little odd about Jynx.

It has almost been a year since Pokemon Sword and Shield hit the market. As details began to surface about the games, Pokemon fans began to lash out. That was largely due to Game Freak revealing Sword and Shield would be the first games in the series to not feature a full Pokedex. Had those fans waited, they would have soon discovered that most of the missing ‘Dex would be added later via DLC.

The Isle of Armor DLC was released earlier this year, and today marks the arrival of the second DLC pack The Crown Tundra. Crown Tundra adds even more Pokemon into the mix and allows trainers to explore a snowy new area which is based on the nation of Scotland. It has even added a few brand new Pokemon into the mix.

As for returning Pokemon, ice and psychic-type Jynx has entered the fray. The addition makes a lot of sense considering the conditions in which it can be found. Jynx is one of Pokemon’s more controversial creations and also sports one of the franchise’s most creepy designs. It’s those iconic lips that come into play via the discovery of a new feature in The Crown Tundra.

Sword and Shield introduced the ability for Pokemon to chase trainers. A clip of a Machoke pursuing a trainer through some long grass prior to the games’ release will have frightened some. Well, if that scared you, it might be time to look away. In The Crown Tundra, not only will Jynx chase trainers who whistle at them, but they will also blow the trainer a kiss before beginning the pursuit.

On the bright side, in the time it takes Jynx to blow a kiss, trainers can get a head start on making their escape. However, the image of Jynx blowing a kiss right at us is not one we will quickly be able to shake off. For anyone playing through The Crown Tundra this weekend, be sure to check out TheGamer’s guide detailing how to catch Suicune, Entei, and Raikou.

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