Jump-Shotting Has Been Nerfed In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Some sad news for many Call of Duty players out there. Looks like Treyarch has officially nerfed the jump-shooting technique in the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This technique has long been a subject for debate with players and this decision will surely be just as divisive.

For those who don’t know, jump-shooting is a rather advanced technique in the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty games where players can make themselves harder to shoot. By jumping, the player makes it more likely that they will be shot below the head and therefore take less damage. Plus, the player can shoot while they are jumping to gain a bit of an advantage on an opposing player.

Now it seems that Treyarch has eliminated the method by introducing a small patch into the recent mid-season update that took place on February 4. This new patch adds a small speed penalty and jump height penalty after landing from a jump. Before, players could easily continue their running movements after jumping, getting back up to speed in time to take aim down the sights or continue strafing. Many often combined the jump with a quick slide to “hop” around. However, now players will be locked in place after jumping for a short period of time.

Even more, Treyarch did not announce the patch when rolling out the mid-season update. It didn’t take long for players to take notice and the developers have confirmed the change in some patch notes. In the notes, Treyarch describes the penalty and states that it “will continue to monitor this change in the live environment and make further changes as needed.” Looks like the developers will be keeping an eye on the reactions from players to this change to decide how they handle such things in the future.

This minor tweak to the game will surely have larger influences on many Call of Duty players. It will definitely make jump-shooting a riskier move to attempt and possibly change the way players engage.

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