Jericho City Is Under Attack In New Surge 2 Trailer

The Surge, released in 2017, is a game that didn’t really shy away from the process of dismemberment. The Surge 2, announced at E3 2018, is doubling down on its limb-chopping action in a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming sequel. 

The trailer shows of the decrepit Jericho City, a major fixture in the game.  A press release describes the city as, “a massive location, packed with secret passages, buildings, factions, friends, foes, and terrifying bosses. Abandoned, half-finished mega-structures sit alongside ostensibly serene parks that have become nanomachine hunting grounds.”

The Surge 2 invites dismemberment all throughout its derelict new playground with massive, techno-ridden bosses and the nano-infested hordes. The Surge 2 releases on September 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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