Japanese Poll Reveals Tinkaton Is The Most Popular New Pokemon From Scarlet & Violet

It's been more than a month since the launch of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, games that added a ninth generation of monsters and brought the total number to more than 1,000. Over 400 of them are available to find and catch in Scarlet & Violet, and a poll that ran in Japan right before Christmas has definitively determined which one is the most popular.

Nintendo Life first highlighted the results of the poll. 177,829 Pokemon fans voted for their favourites between December 16 and 23, and the winner has been revealed to be Tinkaton. If you've not played Scarlet & Violet long enough to have found a Tinkaton of your own, as you can see in the tweet below, it's pretty evident why the Fairy/Steel type is so popular.

It's because the new Pokemon wanders around with a massive hammer, the item that gives the little pink monster its steel-typing. It's also refreshing that not only did a gen nine Pokemon win the poll, but 'mons introduced via Scarlet & Violet take all of the top six spots. It isn't until Sylveon at number seven that a Pokemon outside of Gen 9 makes the cut.

Up there with Tinkaton in the top three is Paldean Wooper's evolved form Clodsire at number two, and Meowscarada rounding out the top three. Unsurprising that the Sprigatito evolution ranked so high since trainers have already admitted they love kissing the grass cat. Speaking of Scarlet & Violet's starters, Fuecoco rather surprisingly tops that particular area of the poll, coming in at number four.

Justice for Sprigatito which is all the way down in 14 despite clearly being the correct pick, and sorry Quaxley fans, the cocky duck didn't even make the top 50. Outside of simply picking which Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet is your favourite, there's also which 'mons work well in competitive play to consider. Murkrow is currently number two in that regard, largely down to its hidden ability, Prankster.

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