It’s Actually Not Weird For Cult Of The Lamb’s Animals To Eat Their Own Poop

You can do a lot of despicable things in Cult of the Lamb, the game about creating a religious cult that includes regular animal sacrifices–which is problematic because every character is an anthropomorphic animal. But perhaps one of the strangest things you can do in Cult of the Lamb is have your faithful followers eat crap.

You’re not forcing them to eat crap, mind you. They want to do it. At some point, a follower will simply approach the player and share their “dark desire” to “eat a meal made of poop.” Satisfying that desire is actually a good thing as it increases your follower’s faith. They’ll still immediately vomit up their meal, but those are happy upchucks.

Social media posts of your followers eating crap have been making the rounds on social media ever since Cult of the Lamb launched last week. They eventually made their way to Dr. Ashley Conway, assistant research professor at the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry, and she had some news to share.

"This is an excellent opportunity to remind folks that monogastric hindgut fermenting species like donkeys, horses and rabbits regularly engage in coprophagy (eating their poo nuggets) to recapture important nutrients their GI systems missed the first time around!" Conway wrote (via GameSpot). "So basically this game looks both wicked cute AND scientifically accurate. And that makes my little nerd heart sing."

Yes, it’s true. Rabbits, donkeys, horses, and other animals with a single stomach eat their own poop in a manner similar to how cow's chew their own cud. It's just a little more indirect. We should also note that young pandas, koalas, hippos, and elephants also eat the poop of their mothers in order to gain useful gut bacteria. That's just another helpful nugget of information.

We’ve got a full guide to get you rolling in Cult of the Lamb, although you might want to wait a bit for a few patches to arrive before you start your new religion.

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