Islets: How To Beat The Tomb Of 1000 Spirits

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Islets is a lovely game – totally pleasant and calm. Sure, you have to deal with some monsters every now and then, and there are spike traps all over the place, but with real estate as it is these days, who can complain?

Eventually, you're treated to a lovely tour from a totally-not-suspicious frog! How kind! It certainly doesn't seem like he's leading you to some sort of trap, or certain doom, or nefarious… Sigh, here's how to beat the Tomb of 1000 Spirits.

Tomb Of 1000 Spirits' Attacks

Unlike most other bosses in the game, the Tomb of 1000 Spirits has a slightly different enrage mode – instead of getting upgrades to its attacks, it will instead get a whole new range of attacks and a new look to boot!

AttackDescriptionHow To Counter
Spirit WavesThe tomb will hover in the center of the arena and start shooting waves of projectiles out.The patterns of these projectiles are easy to recognize, so it should be easy to weave in and out of them.
Perimeter SlamThe tomb will slam one of the walls, before dropping to the floor, skating along the floor, and then rising up on the opposite wall.Double jump over this attack or roll through the tomb. If you jump over, you'll be have more opportunity to get some damage in with your bow during the last half of the attack.
Spirit LasersThe tomb emits two lasers that will revolve around the arena, slowly picking up speed.You have no choice but to dodge roll right through these lasers.
SmashA bunch of exclamation marks will surround the tomb before dropping straight down.Just don't be underneath the tomb. Once avoided, this is the best time to attack the tomb as it'll stay stationary and harmless for a period of time.
Enraged Spirit SwordThe tomb spirit summons a sword that hovers in the air at one side of the arena before shooting straight at you.It's quite easy to jump over this but you may need some careful timing or a dodge roll if paired with an Enraged Spirit Head attack.
Enraged Spike BoxThe tomb spirit summons a box that slams into the wall and moves just like the tomb did in the first phase's Perimeter Slam attack.This attack is smaller but faster than the attack in the first phase. It's easier to double jump over it.
Enraged Spirit HeadThe tomb spirit summons a head that spits a single wave of projectiles at you.These are easy to avoid on their own, but will seriously complicate dodging when paired up with other attacks.

How To Beast The Tomb Of 1000 Spirits

  • When it uses the Spirit Waves attacks, resist the temptation to dodge roll through any of the projectiles – you'll more than likely dodge right into the path of another projectile.
  • It's a good idea to attack the tomb when it uses Spirit Lasers, but be careful of the lasers picking up speed!
  • In the enraged phase, you can still hit the boss during an attack – it will be a very small glowing red ball, but it can still be auto-targeted with your bow.
  • In the enraged phase, the tomb will eventually start using two of its attacks at once. Most of these are pretty simple to avoid, but pay special attention when faced with two Enraged Spirit Head attacks – a good way to deal with this eventuality is to dodge roll underneath one of the heads. This will give you the most time to deal with the projectiles fired by the opposite head.
    • This combination may only be present when playing on Hard mode.

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