Is Persona 5 Royal Worth It?

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Persona 5 is a JRPG with turn-based combat, a lengthy narrative and a lot of heart. You play as Joker, one of a group of vigilantes known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. These high-school students awake one by one to what are known as their Personas, powerful beings that help them change the hearts of corrupt adults.

While Persona 5 is a sequel, and also part of the wider Megami Tensei series, you don't need to have played any previous Persona or Megami Tensei titles to understand or enjoy it. The story is stand alone, and while there are some characters Persona fans recognize, such as Igor, everything is explained as you play. It's a heavy time investment, but one that's widely praised.


When Persona 5 Royal made the leap onto Nintendo Switch Deputy Guides Editor Santi Leguiza reviewed it, offering glowing praise and a five-star score. Regarding the port itself he said "If you had told me years ago that I would see a Switch version of P5R in the future, I would have laughed. And yet, this port runs smoothly both handheld and docked." It's not just the port that makes it five-star worthy though, as the game itself has also stood the test of time.

"You will be accompanied by gorgeous aesthetics and music throughout all your endeavors. Each palace you explore tells a story about the character you try to defeat, giving subtle details about the lives and intentions of their hosts, the art elevating the storytelling."

Santi explains how the Switch version contains some rewrites of a controversial scene, which don't quite land but are a step in the right direction. While it's jarring to see them, the main story is one of overcoming trauma and seeing abusers face the consequences of their actions. For those who love extra value, Royal also adds a large chunk of new content comprising an extra short semester, and two new characters, as well as a new ending.

Time Expenditure

If you're looking for a nice short game then Persona 5 Royal is not the answer. The game follows a calendar structure and it will take just over 100 hours to complete the main storyline. This time increases depending on the following:

If you complete all the side quests in Mementos

If you collect all 250 Personas

If you play all the mini games

If you max out your Confidant Levels

If you unlock the third Semester

To complete everything you are likely looking at upwards of 150 hours. This is the game that keeps on giving, unless you flunk out early with a bad ending.


Persona 5 Royal is available on a number of platforms and the price is variable. Here are the platforms available and roughly what you can expect to pay:






$40 – $60

Xbox One & Series S|X

Physical or Digital

$40 – $60

Nintendo Switch

Physical or Digital

$40 – $60

PlayStation 5

Physical or Digital

$40 – $60

Prices are variable, dependent on retailer and if the physical copy is new or second hand. The retail cost is $60.

You can also play the Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and Windows versions of Persona 5 Royal through Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate.

What Players Are Saying

Turn-Based Gameplay That Doesn't Feel Turn-Based – Jerel Levy

Even if turn-based games aren't your style, Persona 5 is worth a try. The gorgeous UI and gameplay feel more fast-paced and action-oriented than your standard turn-based JRPG, with animations and subtleties that make you feel like you're constantly in action.

Style And Substance – Hilton Webster

Though it's characters and story can come off hollow at times, the astounding quality of Persona 5's visuals, its incredible soundtrack, and stylish combat make up for its downfalls. It takes a while to get into the real depth of it, but the gameplay constantly evolves to make a game that feels fresh right until you role credits.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – James Kennedy

Persona 5 does a lot right. I was thrilled to see that they had reintroduced the classic Shin Megami Tensei bestiary. I also think that the dungeons were an improvement over the last couple of Persona titles. The cast is likable, and the combat engine is just as good as it has ever been. And to top it all off, it delivers another all-time great soundtrack. Unfortunately, while it is a game that gets a lot right, it also feels bloated and gangly. There is too much repetition, and the story can crawl at times. It is still a great game, but it is a great game that would have benefited from some aggressive trimming.

A Must-Play For JRPG Lovers – Gabrielle Castania

As someone who's been playing RPGs her whole life, I fell in love with Persona 5 as soon as Morgana stopped talking in the tutorial and let me play the game. P5's story is rich, using goofy comedy in exactly the right moments to offset the looming moral dilemma and emotion that Persona is famous for serving up. The dungeons are fun, the combat is smooth, and the characters are quirky in ways that perfectly gel with and subvert their stereotypes, making Persona 5 an instant classic.

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