Is Dragon Age 4 release news and a new trailer coming at Game Awards next week?

So, in the last month, we’ve had both Mass Effect Day and Dragon Age Day, both of which have come and gone with nary a mention of any new games. This is a little unbearable for fans of Bioware because the only thing we’ve had from the recently is the mediocrity of Anthem, an unfortunately cursed game that could well still come back from the brink, but currently stands out as one of the most meh games of the year.

Well, not content with disappointing fans alone, it seems as though executive producer at Bioware, Mark Darrah now delights in also causing a kerfuffle by tweeting out things like“Dragon Age”which was expertly reported on byPCGamesN, a piece which I think we can all agree, is perhaps the best thing written this year. No, that’s not sarcasm, this is a piece of art.

Well, Darrah is back at it again with yet more tweets. The first shows a black image with the words Redacted, Redacted, and Super Redacted on it but includes a small image that appears to be a picture of the UK skyline from inside a train that is stuck on the tracks because we still can’t deal with rain in this godforsaken country.

The second image simply seems to show a grey screen. It’s, uh, certainly one way of doing marketing, I guess. Thankfully, people are taking it surprisingly well, and it is entertaining to see someone play both the fans and the press so expertly. Even if it does mean that you end up reading yet another piece of news that talks about his tweets. Don’t blame us, blame Twitter.

On the plus side, we do know that Dragon Age 4 is in development, so that’s something. Though we’re unlikely to see it any time before 2022 which is why we’ve seen nothing of it. It does mean that it’ll be a next-gen title though, and that means it’ll be really shiny. Just think of all the leaves and twigs you’ll be able to render using a PlayStation 5, or an Xbox Scarlett.

It will hopefully mark a return to form for Bioware, who’ve fallen from grace a little bit in recent years. Some blame this on EA, which may or may not be fair enough. All that we know for sure is that Anthem isn’t the game it should have been, and released in an unfit state.

Even now, months later, it’s still not what many people wanted. That being said, it’s also fairly cheap, and if you’re looking for something that lets you feel like Iron Man then it might be worth a look.

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