Insomniac Games Shares Footage Of Miles Morales Swinging Through New York

Miles Morales is a whole new kind of Spider-Man – and that’s not just because he has some incredible new costumes. In a recent post to Instagram, Insomniac Games showed off Morales’ energetic swinging technique and how it stands in stark contrast to that of Peter Parker.

The clip is brief, running about 20 seconds, but it’s long enough to see that playing as Morales is going to be a completely different experience. In a related Twitter post, Insomniac said that, “Our original Spider-Man swings with the grace and control expected of a seasoned hero. But his new parter swings with a youthful excitement. It shows itself in the way he wildly launches off of landmarks and careens through the city.” You can check out the frenetic swinging-action in the retweet below:

Flailing his arms, contorting his body, and fearlessly plummeting towards the pavement, Morales definitely brings a youthful energy to his swinging technique. Insomniac claimed this energy carries over into other animations as well, and is clearly on display during combat. The team said he has a “dynamic energy that he hasn’t quite mastered,” and that he “puts an incredible amount of effort into his fights, whether he’s webbing the bad guys or dodging their punches.”

When it comes to being a superhero, there’s “no playbook for… honing their skills.” Morales is new to life as Spider-Man, and he’s still learning how to channel all that extra power – and responsibility. It’ll be exciting to watch him grow over the course of the new game, and see how he learns from Parker and follows his lead. If you want to read more about Insomniac’s vision for Morales, you can check out its latest entry in the Daily Bugle Now.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will release on November 12 for PS4 and PS5. He’ll have several new costumes in his wardrobe, and the new additions to Spider-Man Remastered will even be heading to PS4.

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