InfiniDice Kickstarter Offers Metal D&D Dice At Persuasion Check Prices

It doesn’t take long for a Dungeons & Dragons player’s dice goblin to come out. The colorful click-clack rocks are too tempting, especially when people get creative and let you express your identity with your dice. That said, metal dice are still a step too far for most. Sure, an imposing d20 with heft is a great centerpiece of any collection. It makes those smites hit harder in your mind, and really sells it when the DM drops that crucial boss attack roll. But most go for around $70-$80, beyond what the average player wants to pay. Enter InfiniDice.

InfiniDice is a new Kickstarter inspired by Greek Mythology. The creator was apparently inspired by the themes of godly power and a hero’s ability to make their own destiny. Any D&D player knows that their dice are the tools of their character’s destiny. While we can’t truly control them, we can influence the result using features, inspiration, and strategic decision-making. InfiniDice lean into this concept by theming the six sets after mythical figures.

The Prometheus series, for instance, features a cage-like frame housing bright numbers. They are hollow, and so lack the weight expected of metal dice, but the brilliant color contrast had me reaching for them first. By contrast, the Siren series are bulky. The colors (mine green/black) are more subdued, but carry a haunting effect to represent sailors lost at sea. The Siren are also a bit bigger than the Prometheus. You can see the comparison here, along with two from the Final Prophecy collection. In the middle is a standard Chessex for scale.

But that brings us back to the price thing. These dice look cool, no doubt, but they are metal dice and typically reflect that in their pricing. The saving grace here is early bird pricing. Just like many other Kickstarters, InfiniDice is giving early adopters a heavy discount. Those who jump on now can grab a set for $10-$30, plus some extras like dice towers or leather bags. Most of the early bird deals are already gone, though, so act fast.

Are metal dice necessary to enjoy D&D or any other TTRPG? No. But they are really cool. If you want to drop your DM rolls with the wrath of the gods, InfiniDice are a wonderfully-priced way to add some might to your collection.

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