Indie Storytelling RPG Wildermyth Gets New Campaign

Indie Early Access RPG Wildermyth is keeping the updates coming as it continues to evolve. The new update adds the expected bug fixes and extra customization options, but the most exciting addition is a new campaign.

The new campaign, the game’s fourth, is called Eluna and the Moth. The Steam blog introduces it as a more focused story. Wildermyth is meant to be an ever-evolving story where characters can live, die, and be avenged by their descendants. This means that sometimes a storyline will involve multiple generations fighting off the same threat. But Eluna and the Moth has less events overall, as the developers wanted to make a campaign that could be beaten in one character’s lifetime.

Eluna and the Moth also features less overland management. Players will spend less time worrying about the ins-and-outs of travel so they can focus more on the task at hand. The Wildermyth team appears to be taking cues from TTRPGs by mixing up the pace of campaigns. While a long-term story with generations of development can have amazing payoffs, sometimes players just want to hop into a dungeon and kick monster butt. Eluna and the Moth expands Wildermyth into varying its offerings.

Wildermyth is available now as a Steam Early Access title – read TheGamer’s preview here.

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