Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Myths Of The Eastern Realm DLC Complete Guide And Walkthrough

Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Myths of the Eastern Realm, is finally available, giving all Immortals fans a brand new adventure to sink their teeth into, along with a brand new protagonist, Ku, that will guide you through a story rooted in Chinese mythology, making for a nice change from the main game’s Greek-inspired tale.

This DLC is the second part of the Immortals: Fenyx Rising season pass, and it offers all the same kinds of thrills you can expect from the main game. A world to explore, puzzling vaults to make your way through, intimidating enemies to fight, and a story to draw you into the world. And for all of that and more, you should see our DLC guides in our complete walkthrough below.

Here we’ve collated all of the guides we’ve written for the last Immortals: Fenyx Rising DLC, so you can easily make your way through all of the story quests and the toughest vaults so you can come away with the best loot.

Our Stacey Henley reviewed Myths of the Eastern Realm, and deemed it to be less interesting than the main game, saying: “If you liked Immortals, this is basically the same game again, but shorter and with Chinese myths. It’s a shame that a different studio couldn’t, for whatever reason, make its DLC distinct from the base game, but if you want to experience a little bit more of Immortals Fenyx Rising, Myths of the Eastern Realm has you covered.”

Once you’ve read our review and downloaded this new DLC, just take a look below for everything you need to know to play Myths of the Eastern Realm.

Myths Of The Eastern Realm Story Guides

Here are the story guides you need to walk your way through Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Myths of the Eastern Realm. The story isn’t the longest here, but these guides will take you through any problem that stand in your way.

  • My Heavens Walkthrough
  • Sky Dragons Walkthrough
  • The Legend Himself Walkthrough
  • Claim The Flame Walkthrough

Myths Of The Eastern Realm Vault Guides

Here are all of the Vault guides you need for Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Myths of the Eastern Realm. The Vaults in this game always hold a variety of treasures and secrets, so you’ll need to get through these and take all of the gifts you can find inside.

  • Expanse Of King Amongst Clouds
  • Path of Tai Ti’s Tribute
  • Chong Raises The Skies
  • The Tutelage Of The Black Emperor

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