Immortals Fenyx Rising A New God DLC: Guide to Unlocking and Completing the Secret Trial

The first batch of DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising titled “A New God” sees players gaining access to a brand-new area, Olympos, as well as new story content, armor, challenges, and more. Much like the base game, the DLC has its own secrets that can be uncovered with a little bit of hard work.

Hermes will have a little side quest for you called “It belongs in a Museum… er… Pantheon!”, where you have to collect 24 relics of the gods and return them to the Pantheon. In doing so, players can then unlock the secret trial, which when completed will earn them the “Putting in Overtime” trophy/achievement.

Unlocking the Trial of the Pantheon

The 24 relics that you need to unlock the secret trial are all hidden in the trials of the four gods you saved in the main game; Hephaistos, Athena, Ares, and Aphrodite. We have guides on where to find all of the relics for each of the gods just below:

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These new vaults are more of a challenge than those in the main game, as not only do they expect you to be able to use all your Godly Powers to their utmost effect, but they offer new mechanics to be utilized too. Additionally, unlike the base game, you cannot use any potions in the DLC to replenish health or stamina, but there are stamina orbs and health replenishing altars throughout the area.

Olympos is split into different sections, and each of the four gods that you helped in the main game have their own areas. In each god’s area, there are six vault challenges to complete, each of which has a relic hidden inside. You can work your way through the gods in any way you want, but some vaults require puzzles to be solved in order to open them, and you might find you need a new Godly Power upgrade to get in. Each god gives an upgrade once you complete their Trial of Mystery, so you might need to complete one god’s Trial of Mystery to get into another god’s next vault.

Once you have all 24, head to the Pantheon fast travel point and you will find yourself where all the gods sit. Interact with all of the seats that you can in order to place each relic. Of course, the six gods who are present are the exceptions. Once all of the relics are placed, speak to Hermes and he will unlock the secret trial called the Trial of the Pantheon for you right there in the center of the Pantheon.

Head inside and you’ll find yourself in the center of a vault with 12 minigames. We’re going to tackle the first puzzle straight ahead of you as you enter the vault (the Donkey Kong tribute) and then move clockwise around the trial in terms of puzzle-solving.

Donkey Kong Challenge

This first challenge is pretty straightforward for any fans of Donkey Kong, head up to the top while avoiding the rolling boulders and then hit the button at the top to light the crystal. You can kill the Cyclops Kong if you want, but it isn’t necessary.

Apollo’s Arrow Challenge

Next up is target practice. Using Apollo’s Arrow you need to shoot four targets, but three of them are hidden behind pillars. The small pillars in front of you with the four small crystals are actually clues as to where the targets are placed in relation to the larger pillars, and once you hit each target, the corresponding crystal will light up. Lighting all four of these smaller crystals will light the larger crystal and complete the challenge.

Pull the lever in front of you to activate the targets, but be sure to hit all four before the lever resets, as otherwise, you will lose your progress. We’ve indicated the positions of the targets in the image above. The target marked with a star is the one furthest from your position, located behind all the other pillars and with a wall directly in front of it.

Pinball Challenge

The next challenge is super easy, simply press the button and take your chances at the ball rolling into the gap shown above. If you’re unlucky, it might take you a few attempts. Once the ball is safely in the recess, the crystal will light up to show this puzzle is complete.

Frogger Challenge

The next challenge is a Frogger-like puzzle, where you have to get from one side to the other. The catch is, you have to do it while carrying a large block. Get the large block safely from one side to the other and then place the block on the heavyweight button on the other side in order to make the crystal light up. Challenge complete!

Zelda Challenge

Your next challenge involves putting a metal ball into a recess, which is hidden below all the crates shown above, so be sure to destroy them first. If you’re wondering why we called this the Zelda challenge, you’ll find out as soon as you put the ball in the recess.

A bunch of chickens will spawn and you will be locked in. The chickens are calmly lying around until you attack one, and then all hell breaks loose. These chickens can one-shot you, so don’t let them hit you. Keep destroying all of the chickens, there are about three waves of normal chickens, and then Alektryon the Legendary Rooster boss will appear. Defeat him to open the gate and complete the challenge.

UFO Catcher Challenge

This next challenge is based on a UFO Catcher/Claw Machine. Hit the button on the left to make balls appear in the positive charge before you. Then you need to use the button on the right in the image above (when it is active) to use the three pillars with negative charge as “claws” to try and catch the balls.

Each time you successfully catch a ball, it will then be dropped into the corresponding recess at the bottom of the game area. Getting a ball in each one is the key to completing the challenge and lighting the large crystal. The active pillar will light up yellow, so be sure to only hit the button when it is a pillar that you still need to fill the ball slot for.

Baseball Challenge

The next challenge is essentially baseball. Pull the lever to have a ball come flying at you, and you need to hit it back the way it came in order for it to fall into the recess just below the portal. Stand on the square and use a well-timed Hephaistos’s Hammer attack to achieve this.

Once you’ve successfully done this, you need to run around all the buttons in an anti-clockwise direction to get your home run, starting with the one on the right, and finishing back at the one you started just in front of.

Button Challenge

This button challenge is reminiscent of the game Snake and requires you to hit the buttons in a certain order to light up the crystal and complete the puzzle. We’ve got the exact order displayed just above, starting from the bottom right.

Shell Game Challenge

The game that street hustlers love to use! Hit the first button as shown above and one crystal in front of you will light up momentarily before the pillars move out of sight and swap around. The pillars all then come back, and you have to press one of the three buttons in front of the pillars, choosing the one that corresponds to the correct pillar that has the crystal that was previously lit.

Press the button again to play once more, only this time you have to follow two crystals and then select them both correctly. Once you’ve done this, the challenge is complete.

Guitar Hero Challenge

This Guitar Hero mini-game is as straight forward as it seems. There are three buttons in front of you and you have to hit them as one of the blocks passes over the metal square near the bottom of the electrical charge, with each button corresponding to the square in front of it. Run between the buttons to hit them all and ensure none are missed. You have to do this three times with three different “tracks” to complete the challenge.

Horse Race Challenge

Though more accurately, it’s a shark race. Hit the button, which will send the shark running for the finish line, and then immediately hit the target with your arrow. Continue up the path, hitting your target every time it stops. If this challenge seems too hard, don’t worry — you don’t actually have to beat the shark to the finish line, just ensure your target finishes too.

Battles and Boxes Challenge

This last challenge has you defeating enemies and putting small boxes onto lightweight buttons. Hit the button just outside the entrance to spawn all the boxes and enemies, then head in and defeat all the soldiers.

When all the enemies are defeated, you’ll likely find yourself missing two boxes. One is hidden on top of an archway, as shown above. As for the second, you just need to use your Phosphor’s Clone. Then head through the gate that you’ve just opened and press the button to finish the challenge.

Completing the Trial

Once all challenges are complete, and all of the chairs in the center of the vault should be illuminated to show this, you can head over to the building directly opposite the Donkey Kong puzzle. The gates will now be open and you can head inside to claim your reward — Phosphor of Olympos!

There are some rather funny cutscenes of the Olympians partying when you exit the vault, and the great thing about this fun little trial is that it is always repeatable, regardless of whether you have already completed it.

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