Immortals Fenyx Rising A New God DLC: Guide to Getting the Arion Mount

Immortals Fenyx Rising has recently received its first DLC drop titled A New God. This brand-new content adds the area of Olympos for players to explore, plenty of challenges with various new puzzle mechanics and Godly Power upgrades, as well as more story content.

Of course, much like the main game, the DLC features a secret or two for dedicated players to uncover. One of these secrets is a new Epic Mount called Arion, a winged-pegasus who regrettably doesn’t actually fly despite Olympos being set in the sky. If you want to score this awesome mount for yourself, we’ve got every step covered just below.

Arion’s Chest Location

You’ll find the chest that holds the Arion mount on the northern edge of the center area of Olympos. However, the chest is locked initially. If you venture near the chest, a message will pop up explaining that you need to collect four Hipposandal items in order to open it.

You can find a Hipponsandal in chests found in each of the four different god areas for Athena, Hephaistos, Aphrodite, and Ares. However, to open each one requires one of the new Godly Power upgrades. Once you have completed each god’s Trial of Mystery, they will reward you with a Godly Power upgrade, which can then be used to access the Hipposandal in their area.

Athena’s Chest

Athena’s chest is hidden behind an Immortal Field barrier in the location shown above. Fortunately, once you’ve completed her Trial of Mystery, she rewards you with the Immortal Field Breaker upgrade. This new upgrade allows you to use Athena’s Dash to pass through Immortal Fields and easily grab your first Hipposandal.

Hephaistos’s Chest

Hephaistos’s chest is behind a locked gate in the location shown above. Completing his Trial of Mystery rewards you with the Colossal Strength Godly Power upgrade, allowing you to move even large metal blocks with your Herakles’s Strength. Simply move the large block outside of the gates onto the heavyweight button to open the gates and claim your second Hipposandal.

Aphrodite’s Chest

Aphrodite’s chest is behind some locked gates in the location shown above. Completing her Trial of Mystery will earn you the Phosphor’s Swap upgrade, allowing you to change places with your Phosphor’s Clone in an instant. You need to leave a clone immediately in front of the locked gates (as shown above), then head back and stand on the button that opens the gates. Press the button to swap places with your clone and then dash in through the gates before they close to claim your Hipposandal.

Ares’s Chest

Ares’ chest is hidden in the location shown above, and you’ll notice a little propeller some distance in front of the door (also shown above). Completing Ares’s Trial of Mystery will reward you with the Wind Gust Godly Power Upgrade, which creates a burst of upwards wind wherever you use a charged Ares’s Wrath attack.

Use the charged attack near the propeller to get the wind to move it and open the gates, then run in and grab your Hipposandal. The gates will only remain open for a little while as the wind disappears after a short time.

Claim Your Mount

Now you’ve got all four Hipposandals, head back to the chest located in the middle of Olympos and open it to claim your new Arion Epic Mount.

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