Immortals Fenyx Rising: 10 Best Items In The Game (& Where To Find Them)

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a game that surprised many in 2020. Ubisoft has made a ton of high-quality games, but this refreshing new IP is a game many consider to be the newest gold in the gaming community. It is fun and delightful and the gameplay mechanics aren’t too shabby either.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an open-world game, and similar to many in the genre, it has a ton of items the players can discover littered around the massive world. While any of these weapons will help you finish the game without a hitch, some of these are objectively better than others.

Laurion, The Silver Pegasus

The world of Immortals Fenyx Rising is considerably large. There are three ways you can get around the map. Fast traveling, gliding using the wings you’ll earn later on, and mounts. If you want the best mount in the game, you’ll have to look no further than the very first area in the game.

The Silver Pegasus is located in the southern area of the Clashing Rocks. The gorgeous mount can be seen lingering on an island near a shipwreck.

Departed Shade

The Departed Shade sword is an incredible and powerful weapon. What’s even better is that you can get this one very early on in the game. It will give you a considerable amount of damage buff after every perfect dodge and generate three stamina orbs upon landing a Sword Spring attack.

The Departed Shade sword can be located just southwest of the Hall of the Gods. It is marked on the map as a Guarded Chest and there are a few enemies lurking around the area so deal with them first.

Forbidden Labrys

The Forbidden Labrys axe is the perfect companion piece to the Departed Shade. While the latter weapon provides a damage buff after every perfect dodge, the Forbidden Labrys does the same buff after every perfect parry. On top of that, it also increases stun once it reaches level 4.

Just like the Departed Shade, the Forbidden Labrys is also very easy to obtain. It is located east of the Hall of the Gods inside a Guarded Chest.


The Cyclone sword will prove more than delightful to players who love performing glorious aerial combos. It will provide a 28% chance of inflicting triple damage when doing the Sword Air Combo and performing a perfect air dodge will refill a stamina chunk by 160%.

The sword is located northwest of The Forgelands, hidden inside a Guarded Chest. Its location on the map sits right in between a Vault of Tartaros and an Odysseus Myth Challenge. Get rid of the enemies and loot the chest to acquire this handsome weapon.


The Tempest axe does not only look good, but it hits incredibly well. This heavy weapon is most especially handy to those who enjoy performing aerial combos as it provides a 28% chance of inflicting triple damage when doing the Axe Air Combo. It will also increase the stun damage of the Axe Cleave attack to 60%.

The Guarded Chest housing the axe can be located on the far western side of the Valley of Eternal Spring. It is almost a straight shot to the west from the Hall of the Gods.

Crystal Shadow Hammer

The Crystal Shadow Hammer is an absolutely gorgeous weapon. Not only does it look incredibly unique, but it will also give you a very helpful boost in combat. The Crystal Shadow Hammer will freeze enemies for 10 seconds after performing a perfect parry. At full level, it will give your Axe Smash attack a 98% stun increase.

This hammer is located in War’s Den, just southwest of the God of War statue. The chest is surrounded by a ton of enemies, so getting the hammer comes with a bit of a challenge, but the reward is absolutely worth it.

Crystal Shadow Sword

If you’re planning on equipping the Crystal Shadow Hammer, you might as well get your hands on the Crystal Shadow Sword. On top of its beautiful design, the Crystal Shadow Sword will freeze enemies for six seconds after a perfect dodge, and do the same upon landing a stealth attack at full level.

The sword can be found on The Forgelands, northwestern area of the fast travel statue. The item is located inside a Guarded Chest so it should be fairly easy to spot on the map.


The Resistance weapon is one of the many bows you can use in the game. This particular bow is better than most as it will knock back small enemies, inflict 175 stun damage with a charged shot, and it has a 40% chance of freezing enemies for five seconds upon landing a headshot once it reaches level 4.

The Resistance bow can be acquired very early in the game. It is located south of the Hall of the Gods locked inside a Guarded Chest.

Plate Of The Ethereal Automation

The Plate of the Ethereal Automation is an incredibly helpful armor as it will give its wearer a 24% increase in defense. It will also inflict a whopping 670 damage to attacking enemies once the armor reaches level 4.

The armor is located on the far west of The Forgelands, right almost at the border of the section and the Grove of Kleos. The players will need to do a bit of puzzle-solving before being able to reach the armor. The puzzle should be fairly easy to solve, just bring two logs that are located outside the area where the armor is located.

Bright Divinity Set

The Bright Divinity Set requires just a little bit more time and effort to gather, but the armor set itself is more than worth your troubles, especially during the final stages of the game. This set is the reward you’ll get for completing the Legendary or Bust questline, meaning you’ll have to defeat the four wraith heroes that constantly haunt you around the map. You’ll have to defeat the heroes on their lair to get the items you’ll need to get the armor set.

Once the four are defeated, the game will lead you to a statue of Athena located in the Grove of Kleos, where you can then claim this incredible and powerful armor set.

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