How To Take Pictures With The Camera In Monster Hunter Rise

A brand new mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise is taking pictures of creatures you come across, both big and small. All of this adds up to your completion in Monster Hunter Rise, and you should take pictures of creatures whenever you come across a new one – your early days of photography will be busy…

Every creature can have its picture taken, so that includes large monsters, small monsters, endemic life, and more. All of these creatures can have their photos added to your Hunter’s Notes, and even have the pictures hang on the walls of your room.

Pictures are hardly an essential part of the game, but they can be a lot of fun, in addition to occasionally being necessary for quests. Just read through this and you’ll know everything you need to for taking pictures with the camera in Monster Hunter Rise.

Why You Should Take Pictures In Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise you will use pictures of creatures to fill out your Hunter’s Notes, decorate your room, and even complete quests.

Completing quests is the most important part, of course, and some NPCs will ask for pictures of specific creatures. If you already have pictures of a lot of creatures this can be much easier, of course.

How To Take Pictures In Monster Hunter Rise

Your camera can be accessed in a mission with your D-pad menu. Simply scroll through by tapping left or right on the D-pad until you find the camera icon, and then press up or down on the D-pad to enter the camera mode.

You will get a fairly small square in the centre of your screen to frame your photo, and then you just need to press A to take a picture. You will know you are taking a picture of a useful creature if the name of it appears in the top right of the frame.

How To Decorate Your Room With Your Photographs In Monster Hunter Rise

Once you’ve got a bunch of photographs you can visit the Palico assistant in your room, and under Room Customisation you will be able to change a number of deocrations. The three photo frames you can fill are on the final page, and you can pick your favourite photos to display in your room.

How To Add Pictures To Your Hunter’s Notes In Monster Hunter Rise

Go into your Hunter’s Notes and navigate to the monster you want – the creatures you’ll be photographing will be separated into large and small monsters, and then endemic life. Find a creature you’ve photographed, and then press Y to change that critter’s picture settings.

You will be able to select any photo of that monster that you’ve taken – remember that it only counts if the name of the monster appears in the top right of the camera frame when taking the picture.

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