How To Max Your Stamina In Red Dead Online

Quick, run, Johnny Law’s a’comin’! Every good outlaw needs to know when it’s time to cut your losses and just high-tail it out of there. So, it’s important you don’t just keel over after running for thirty seconds. Like Health and Dead Eye, Stamina is a stat you can improve in Red Dead Online.

It’s probably the easiest of all three core states to raise, but there are still a few tricks you should know that will help you improve it as fast as humanly possible. You may not think it’s necessary to increase your Stamina in a game mostly spent on horseback, but when you play the Showdown modes and the bullets start flying you’ll wish you could get to cover faster.

When you create your character, you can get a little head start by assigning two bonus points into Stamina. You should put these into Dead Eye, however, as that’s the hardest stat to raise while Stamina is probably the easiest.

The most obvious way to increase your Stamina is to run. And that will do it. Sprinting will get you 20 Stamina XP every ten seconds or so. As you’re on horseback for most of the game though, this method may take quite a while if you don’t consciously decide to run more instead of riding.

A great place to run is around your camp. Simply raise your white flag and griefers won’t be able to shoot you. They will still be able to lasso you, however, so be wary of that. But still, doing a few laps around your camp every time you log in will have you fit as a fiddle in no time. Think of it as the Wild West equivalent of a couch-to-5K programme.

If this sounds boring to you – and to be fair, it is – then you can opt to run to town’s or waypoints rather than riding. Sure, it’ll take longer, but you’ll be able to appreciate the sights more. Take the opportunity to turn the time spent catching your breath and letting your stamina refill into time to gather herbs or look for collectibles. The game has some really gorgeous sights, its nice to slow down and take them in from time to time.

Swimming is also a great way to increase your Stamina if running isn’t your thing. Red Dead Online has plenty of lakes and rivers to take a nice dip in. Swimming increases your Stamina even faster than running does, but it comes at the cost of being potentially deadly. Your Stamina drains as you swim, obviously, but if you venture too far from shore and can’t make it back you’ll drown. So stick to the shoreline just to be safe.

As a final tip, if you’re trying to do the daily swimming challenge, jumping in a moving river and going with the current will help you swim the distance a lot faster than if you swam in still waters.

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