How To Extract In Dark And Darker

Dark And Darker is a loot-based, FPS PvPvE game that is based around doing a dungeon run, killing enemies (both NPCs and other players), and then extracting with your loot before you die.

There are multiple floors in Dark And Darker, and the difficulty of mobs (and likely players with more gear) increases as you descend. It can be harder to extract at lower floors. This guide covers how to extract on the various levels in Dark And Darker.

Dark And Darker is currently undergoing various Playtests ahead of its launch. We wrote this article in December 2022 and info is subject to change. We will keep this guide updated with more info when it is released.

How To Extract In Dark And Darker

The idea of "Extracting" is to exit the level before dying, hopefully escaping with all the loot you've picked up during the run. Unlike other games of this style, the extract points in Dark And Darker are random. They are marked by a Blue Headstone that appears from the ground. You will also hear an auditory cue (it sounds like rumbling rocks) when an extraction point has spawned near you.

To interact with the Headstone, just hit the "F" key on your keyboard. A blue portal will open which you can walk into and extract from the level.

Red Headstones do not let you extract, instead, these teleport you to lower floors, where there are more enemies, but better loot. Red Portals are more common in High Roller lobbies (these are the lobbies that players pay to enter), as you are encouraged to delve deeper for better rewards.

Notes About Extract Portals

  • Extract portals will last forever after you activate them, which means you can return to them later.
  • Portals can be taken by other players in the instance, and only one player can enter a Headstone portal before it is deactivated (this means you can steal other player's portals).
  • Red and Blue portals often spawn close together, so be careful when activating them.
  • The is a notification in the top right of the screen when an escape portal spawns, likewise you will get a notification for a new "down" portal spawning.

Difficulty Levels Determined By Floor Number

Much like a classic game of Dungeons and Dragons, or Choose Your Own Adventure, in Dark And Darker, the game becomes more difficult the further you descend. There have been different difficulty levels in each of the available Playtests for the game, with three currently being the hardest level.

  • It is easier to extract from these levels with more than one player – Dark And Darker is not a friendly game for solos.
  • Watch out for the White Ring as you will take damage any moment you are inside it, so be careful if the Portal is on the outside of the ring.

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