How To Defeat The Undying King In Remnant: From the Ashes

It might seem like a bit of an odd time to be talking about Gunfire Game’s hit from 2019, Remnant: From the Ashes, but it’s actually pretty apt. The prequel to Remnant, Chronos: Before the Ashes, was an Oculus Rift exclusive from 2016 but finally got ported to Steam, The Epic Games Store, and both last-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) at the end of 2020.

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So, for all those who played Chronos and wanted more, or for those who are simply just interested in what Remnant is, here’s a guide on how to beat one of its most interesting bosses, The Undying King.

Who Or What Is The Undying King?

So, who exactly is the Undying King, previously known as King Ezlan, in relation to Remnant and its narrative? Well, first off, he’s the World Boss for the Rhom Realm (you know, that realm with the annoying Glowing Rods hidden throughout it).

Narratively, he’s the “Dreamer” connected to Rhom’s Guardian, yeah, turns out Remnant has a lot of lore hidden within it.  But, ultimately, this monarch is the NPC players must kill or work with in order to progress to both Corsus and Yaesha.

Is There An Alternate Reward/Method Of Killing Him?

Unlike most World Bosses in Remnant, The Undying King does not have an “alternate kill” he’s a bit of a weirdo. But, he does somehow still give two different rewards:

  • If the player fights & kills him: They’ll get the Labyrinth Key & the Undying Heart, which can be crafted into Ruin, an assault rifle that comes with the absurdly strong “Undying” Weapon Mod.
  • If the player brings him the Guardian’s Heart: He’ll give the player the Labyrinth Key instead of dropping it & he also gifts them his own personal weapon, the Riven, which used to be insanely overpowered before it was nerfed.

And, funnily enough, if they kill him & get the Labyrinth Key, they can avoid the Corsus Realm altogether since his Labyrinth Key also opens to way to Yaesha. But, since the Swamps of Corsus DLC adds a lot to this Realm, it’s not recommended to ignore it entirely.

How Does The Undying King Fight?

So, how is the Undying King fight? What moves does he use? Well, he’s honestly a pretty simple boss that uses a mixture of calling in mobs, his own personal summons, and some pretty brutal melee attacks. A lot of detail went into King Ezlan’s animations, which actually makes it pretty easy to tell his attacks apart. So, let’s go through all his attacks in-depth, one-by-one:

Calling In The Anointed Vyr

The Anointed Vyr that were kneeling in front of Ezlan go into attack-mode as soon as the fight begins, take them out ASAP, because more will be coming soon.

Not long after the first few Anointed are killed, more Vyr will pop out from the Sarcophagi that are evenly spread out against the walls of the main room.

Players just need to keep an eye & an ear out for these things opening, and quickly take out the Anointed that emerge from them, and the fight gets a lot easier.

Ezlan’s Summoned Orbs

The Undying King almost immediately summons these two floating orbs. There’s an easy tell for this move, and it’s when Ezlan’s two lower arms start using hand signs to form a “sigil”.

It might seem like these things function on a timer system, but they don’t, they can actually be shot and destroyed rather easily. Burst these orbs right after they spawn, as they have a pretty decent rate-of-fire, do noticeable amounts of damage, and he can stack them.

The Leap Attack

This move is Ezlan’s gap-closer & he can use it from any distance. He jumps into the air, raising his Shotels (or Khopeshes, it’s unclear which they resemble closer) above his head, lands in front of the player for a half-second, then slashes upward with one of his weapons.

Quite honestly, it’s not a very difficult move to dodge since he lands before swinging, but the timing might mess people up. Players can either roll towards him while he’s jumping to get behind him, or simply wait until his slash starts and then roll away.

The Melee Combination

Honestly, the most difficult move to avoid overall is this Melee Combo, since those weapons are long and he swings them quickly. The best advice for this move is to roll away from the first slash then immediately sprint away. Trying to roll through the entire combo is pretty difficult, and can lead to an early death.

That Area-Of-Effect Slam

The Area-of-Effect or AOE Slam attack he uses doesn’t come out very often, and it’s incredibly easy to dodge. This is simply because it isn’t a full 360-degree AOE, but just the area in front of him.

The Undying King will raise his swords above his head, they’ll glow with blue-white energy, they’ll dissipate into an energy orb, and then he’ll slam this orb into the ground. This move is a piece of cake to avoid since Ezlan stops in place while unleashing it, and it usually marks the transition back into his ranged attacks or into his healing phase at the Guardian’s Pool.

The Meditative Healing

The player can easily tell when this phase is about to happen, as the Undying King will sort of “snap” back into a neutral animation, slowly walk up to the closed pool he emerged from, and take a meditative pose above it as his health starts to replenish.

Shoot him as he walks up, but, quite frankly, the health regen here is incredibly slow. So, players don’t need to worry too much about leaving him alone for a minute or two to take care of the new mobs now spawning.

The Lurkers & Ghasts

While Ezlan is healing, he’ll start spawning new mobs, Lurkers and Ghasts. Players are likely familiar with these enemies since they show up in 90% of the boss fights within the Rhom Realm, such as the Harrow, the Hive, and a few others.

There will be quite a few of them that trickle in here, usually three or four at a time, so most players run to the wall behind the Undying King since they can take potshots at Ezlan & the enemies running toward them with their back safely against the wall.

The “Undying Part” Wasn’t Just For Show

Lastly, after depleting Ezlan’s HP completely, he’ll take a knee. Players will notice that they didn’t immediately receive a “Quest Complete”, a Trait Point, or a Boss Drop, so something is up. Turns out, the Undying King lives up to his name (sort of) & actually revives himself.

No need for concern though, he only comes back with about a third of his overall health. During this Phase, the King tries to cycle through all of his attacks again, summoning Orbs, calling in Anointed, swinging with his swords, and even trying to heal. But, once players kill him a second time, it actually sticks, and the King is no more.

And Lastly, Some General Tips

All-in-all, the Undying King is a pretty standard bossfight for Remnant. He has ranged attacks, a melee combo, some summons, and a unique mechanic. This combination seems to be the standard for most bosses, especially story ones. But, Ezlan is far easier than other World Bosses such as the Iskal Queen or even Ixillis. Still, just in case players are struggling, here are a few more quick tips:

  • Kill the mobs as soon as they spawn, they don’t take much ammo and they can easily overwhelm the player otherwise.
  • focusing on the King’s head while he meditates is a fantastic way to immediately steal back the health he healed, in particular, low clip + high damage weapons work great, such as the Sniper, the Shotgun, or the Coach Gun.
  • The arena is big, so use the columns to hide from projectiles.
  • The Undying King’s Melee Attacks are rough, so using close-range weapons like the Shotgun might not be best.
  • Put the Heavy Water Exilirs on the Quick Bar for Ghasts & Ammo Boxes since this fight sort of drags on.

And that’s about it! The Undying King can be avoided entirely, but for players looking to experience everything Remnant has to offer, this confrontation is pretty memorable.

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