How Long Does It Take To Beat Elden Ring

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Possibly one of the most anticipated games of all time, Elden Ring has a ton of expectations put on it, and it managed to meet them. The game puts you in the shoes of one of the Tarnished, a wandering vagabond adventuring to restore grace to the Lands Between.

With an open-world design and more nooks and crannies than you can shake a stick at, Elden Ring is a daunting timesink for beginners and veterans, story-lovers and completionists alike. While plenty of you won't mind how long this game expects you to play, some might benefit from knowing just how long a game it really is.

How Long Does The Story Take To Finish?

While this answer is going to vary depending on what kind of player you are, the users of HowLongToBeat clock the main story of the game coming in at just over 42 hours.

Whether this figure is accurate for you will depend on a range of things, such as how quickly you become competent with the combat system and whether or not explore the gigantic areas of the game thoroughly or not. Another factor could be whether or not you use guides (such as our incredibly useful, detailed ones!) to help you on your way through the complex world.

On HowLongToBeat, users who did a lot more than just the main story averaged around 65 hours when totting up their game time. This is probably a more accurate figure for those who want to see at least a little bit of everything the game has to offer.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Everything?

If you're really into the world of Elden Ring, perhaps you're one of those fans who have been waiting for this game rabidly, you might just want to bleed every last second out of it. HowLongToBeat states that it'll take on average 99 and a half hours to do a completionist run of the game.

Let's just go ahead and round that up and say that a completionist run will take you 100 hours – over four days – and remind you to stay hydrated and don't forget to take breaks during your adventure in the Lands Between.

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