Horizon Multiplayer Game Concept Art And Early Gameplay Leaked

Alpha gameplay footage and concept art for Guerilla Games' "stylized" Horizon multiplayer project has leaked online, showing it to be a cooperative take on the main game with cartoon visuals.

Following a series of job listings, last month Guerilla Games confirmed that it has been developing a multiplayer game set in the Horizon universe, one that aimed to "expand the world of Horizon" with a "stylized" look. Guerilla hasn't given us any official glimpses into this project just yet, but a recent leak shows more than ten minutes of alpha gameplay, along with some concept art that was found within the files.

The leaked gameplay, which is reportedly from a Summer 2020 build, was shared on the Horizon subreddit and shows 12 minutes of alpha gameplay footage. Most of the gameplay shown is just the player walking around a camp and some grassy fields, but there is a little bit of combat sprinkled in, which seems

Let's start off with the art style, as that's one of the things that Guerilla Games has touted as being unique about the Horizon multiplayer project. Although the world looks pretty similar to Forbidden West and Zero Dawn (albeit a little greener), the character models used here are all cartoony, with bright colours and exaggerated proportions. Comparisons have already started being made to Fortnite, so that'll

We see the player swap between several different character models, but it's not currently clear whether the player can customise their look or if the characters are pre-set. A piece of concept art found within the files for the alpha shows one of the characters that appears in the leaked gameplay footage, which seems to imply that they're pre-set and not customisable.

Beyond the unique art style, the multiplayer Horizon game looks like just that – a Horizon game with multiplayer elements. Everything from the movement to the way that enemies attack looks like it's lifted from Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, as you'd expect from a game set in the same universe. The only thing that remains to be seen is how players will interact with each other and work together to take down Machines.

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