Horizon Forbidden West: What Is Greenshine?

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While you explore the wilds of Horizon Forbidden West, you are likely to come across Greenshine. These glowing green crystals can be picked up, and come in all shapes, sizes, and rarities.

But what exactly is Greenshine used for? You will soon be finding plenty of these crystals, so you’ll want to know how to make the most of them. Here's everything you need to know.

What Is Greenshine Used For?

Greenshine is a material in Horizon Forbidden West used for upgrading and trading. You will likely come across pieces of it as early as The Daunt, and will accumulate plenty as you explore.

When upgrading weapons and armor, you may find that some of it will require Greenshine as well as other materials. The type of Greenshine it requires will depend on what it is you’re trying to upgrade, and how many upgrades it has already received.

Similarly, merchants can offer you rarer machine parts, outfit weaves, and weapon coils – however, they will only trade these for Greenshine. The rarer items will require rarer pieces of Greenshine, so make sure you have plenty saved up if you’re looking to upgrade all of your gear.

Where To Find More Greenshine?

Greenshine can be located all over the map of Forbidden West. It can be found in various forms, including Greenshine Slivers, Greenshine Chunks, and Greenshine Slabs – each will increase in rarity and can be used for higher-value crafting and trade.

It can be found dotted around the world, with some of the rarer pieces being up high on mountains or hidden away in secluded areas. Make sure you’re climbing as many cliffs and formations as possible to look out for these crystals. You can also pulse scan with your Focus to detect any nearby loot, which will include Greenshine.

Also, you will come across a few Sunken Ruins as you explore the caves of Horizon Forbidden West – these will contain plenty of Greenshine, and will notify you as completed when you have collected it all from the location. You will need the Diving Mask to be able to fully explore a lot of these ruins though, so come back to them later to collect all of the Greenshine within.

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