Horizon Forbidden West: All Survey Drone Collectible Locations

When traveling the world in Horizon Forbidden West, you might notice a small drone zipping about the sky, stopping every so often to scan the area. These are known as Survey Drones, and act as one of the collectible lines in the game.

When near a drone, Aloy will take notice of it, and a quest to grab it will begin. You will need to scan for the drone's path and jump from a higher point to grab it, so that you can loot it while it's grounded. Here's where you can find all of the survey drones, and what you can do with them.

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What Are The Survey Drone Modules For?

Survey Drone: No Man's Land – Module 024 Location

The first Survey Drone can be found at a Thunderjaw site, southwest of Barren Light – as indicated by the map above. Scan to highlight its path, and watch for where it stops. You'll be able to climb up onto one of the rock formations here to be able to jump onto the Survey Drone when it stops.

The Thunderjaw will continue roaming this area, circling the rocky formations. Either take it out beforehand, or wait for it to be out of sight before climbing up to the drone.

Survey Drone: Plainsong – Module 047 Location

Slightly northwest of Plainsong you will find this small area covered in blight, with ruins of a fortification at the cliff edge. Circling the area will be a Survey Drone, scanning the radius covered in blight.

There will be a few machines around the location, but for the most part, they won't be a threat. To reach the Survey Drone, you will need to climb up to the wall of the fortifications nearby. Jump from the wall and grab onto the drone as it stops to bring it down, and retrieve the module.

Climbing the cliffs next to the wall will take you up to where you need to be. Inside of the fortification are some more machines, and they will act more aggressively to you once the front doors have been opened.

Survey Drone: The Dry Yearn – Module 143 Location

On the other side of the mountains east of Plainsong will be the next Survey Drone. To reach this point, you will have needed to clear Repair Bay TAU as part of the story. As soon as you are on this side of the mountain, you can head to the point on the map above to discover the drone.

This will be near a site with a Shellsnapper and some Spikesnouts. The drone will be circling the area, and can be reached by climbing to the peak of the central rock formation. If you stay out of sight, you won't need to fight any machines in the area.

Survey Drone: The Greenswell – Module 287 Location

This Survey Drone can be found a little north of the previous module, west of the gates near Plainsong. When spotted, the quest will trigger, and you will need to climb up to the highest point where you can jump to the drone. Bring it down and loot it to retrieve the module.

Survey Drone: The Stillsands – Module 367 Location

The drone will be flying around in the desert of Las Vegas, opposite the peak of the Eiffel Tower. You can find the specific location on the map above.

Scan its path to find where it stops – you will need to climb the nearby building and leap from the tower to grab the drone. Once grounded, grab the module before it flies off again.

Survey Drone: Thornmarsh – Module 549 Location

Just outside of Thornmarsh to the northeast will be the next Survey Drone, marked on the map above. Look for a flat open area with a large dead tree, and a nearby dead tree and grapple point – Aloy will spot the drone.

Climb the nearby grapple point and jump to the top of the dead tree, which you can grapple midair. When at the top, wait for the drone to stop before leaping onto it, and then loot the module.

Survey Drone: The Graypeak – Module 678 Location

There are multiple ways to reach this path between the mountains, but you will have to watch out for the patrolling Slaughterspine. When in the area marked on the map above, west of the Memorial Grove and Arena, you will spot the drone and receive the quest to collect it.

Depending on your level and gear, the Slaughterspine can be a formidable opponent. You do not need to fight it in order to grab this drone, and can sneak past it entirely.

Look up to one of the nearby cliffs to see a wooden platform at the top. If you approach this area from the north, you can avoid the Slaughterspine's path completely. Jump from this wooden platform and retrieve the drone module.

Survey Drone: Stand Of The Sentinels – Module 398 Location

This Survey Drone can be found just east of Tide's Reach, southwest of the Tallneck in the area, indicated by the map above. Once there, you'll be able to see the drone flying around the trees, and the quest will activate. In the area is a cave, blocked by vines from a metal flower.

The blocked cave is not necessary to retrieve this drone. When cleared, it will release an aggressive Stalker – if you want to avoid a fight, just ignore the cave for now.

Above the blocked cave is a leaning tree you can use to reach some platforms in the trees. You will need to leap, grapple, and glide between these platforms to reach one that will let you jump to the drone.

Survey Drone: The Sheerside Mountains – Module 739 Location

This drone will be in the mountains north of The Bulwark. Head to the location on the map above and go further north to the waterfalls to spot the drone.

You will need to climb up higher to where there is a wooden platform and a shelter. Once there, scan for the drone's path and find the higher point where it stops. Jump from the ledge and grab the drone to get Module 739.

Survey Drone: Isle Of Spires – Module 863 Location

Finally, the last drone can be obtained in San Francisco. Once in the Isle of Spires, you can spot this drone flying around near the entrance to Legacy's Landfall, marked on the map included above.

For this one, you will need to scale the nearby ruined building. Scan for platforms, grapple points, and ledges you can pull down to reach. Once you're up on the top, you'll see the drone stop by close enough for you to jump onto. This will give you Module 863, and will be the final module in the Survey Drone line of collectibles.

What Are Survey Drone Modules For?

  • Potential Spoilers: The following will be relevant after you have completed Repair Bay TAU as part of the story.

Return the Survey Drones to your base of operations. In the dome room where GAIA is located, you might have already noticed the terminal towards the back. This is where you can insert the various drone modules, and each will allow you to simulate an environment in the room – the environment will display the area that the specific drone was scanning.

Once you have returned all of them, the quest will be complete, and you will have the ability to change your room environment between the ten options.

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