Hitman 3’s Greed DLC Will Kickstart The Seven Deadly Sins Expansion On March 30

Hitman 3’s Greed DLC will be available later this month. It will be the first of seven DLC packs added to the game.

Hitman 3 arrived earlier this year to rave reviews, including from us here at TheGamer. Not only did the game’s arrival signify the end of the usual dry spell for new releases over the holidays, but it also marks the end of IO Interactive’s Hitman trilogy. Don’t panic just yet Hitman fans. Agent 47’s story is set to continue for a little while longer via incoming DLC for Hitman 3.

The first installment of that DLC will drop on March 30, 2021, as was revealed via a new trailer which you can check out below. The DLC is titled Greed and will be the first of seven DLC packs added to the game. Each pack will cost $4.99 and will be named after one of the seven deadly sins. The entire pack can be bought for $29.99 but each chapter will not become available until it is officially released.

The Greed trailer shows Agent 47 in a not very subtle Rapacious suit which players will be able to unlock as they progress. Other than greed, gold is very much the overarching theme of Hitman 3’s latest chapter as players will be tasked with working for and seeking out gold coins. The new contract added to the game will be titled “The Greed Enumeration Escalation”.

Whether any of the additional DLC will add new maps to Hitman 3 remains unclear. This particular mission appears to take place in the same setting as the base game’s Dubai mission. However, as players of Hitman 3 can see, it has been drastically altered in preparation for Agent 47’s return.

When it comes to the future of IO beyond Hitman 3, its next major project will be Project 007. TheGamer had the chance to speak with Hitman3’s executive producer, during which it was revealed that those who brought Hitman 3 to life are hopeful their work will inspire the minds currently working on the upcoming Bond game. If it’s anything like the Hitman trilogy, then it will be something pretty special and might well mark the beginning of a brand new IO trilogy.

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