Hitman 3 Players Can Now Import Locations From Hitman 1 And 2 For Free

If you own a copy of Hitman 1 or Hitman 2 on PC, you can now import levels from those titles into Hitman 3. The process is free for current owners and involves three simple steps.

Once you’ve logged into your IOI Account, PC players should do the following:

  • Read the onscreen instructions.
  • Review all relevant accounts.
  • Claim your content and import eligible locations.

While the process is relatively simple, IO Interactive did give a few warnings before starting the porting process. Since your choice of claimed games can’t be undone, the studio is recommending you “double-check all your choices” before confirming your selections. The content you claim will come in the form of an Access Pass DLC – if you own Hitman 2, that means you’ll be able to claim the Hitman 2 Access Pass. Once a pass has been claimed, you’ll need to restart Hitman 3 in order for it to appear in-game.

IO Interactive also recommends using a PC browser, as the importing website isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

Most Hitman 3 players have probably worked their way through the majority of the game by now, and it’s great to finally see levels from Hitman 1 and 2 making an appearance. The process seems relatively painless, and there’s really no reason not to go ahead and port over those old levels if you already own them.

IO Interactive had previously stated that these levels would become available by the end of February, and it’s great to see the team sticking to its timeline. Delays seem to have become the norm in the industry, and IO would have been forgiven if things got pushed. Hitman 3 has been putting up record numbers, however, and no doubt the team wanted to do right by its players.

Some of those players seem to have found their own way to play the game, and it involves using a massive grape press to crush everyone on the map. I’m not sure if that’s what IO Interactive intended – but it’s pretty damn entertaining.

Hitman 3 players can now import levels from Hitman 1 and 2 at no additional cost.

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