Here’s What To Do If You Missed Out On Xbox Series X Pre-Orders

If you missed out on Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders, you’re not alone. A quick glance at Twitter is enough to realize that thousands of people are still scrambling around trying to land a console before they go out of stock. However, Microsoft has a bit of advice for those of us who weren’t able to land a pre-order – contact your local retailers.

Earlier today we reached out to Xbox about the availability of the Series X and Series S, and whether we could look forward to a new round of pre-orders or large quantities in-store on November 10. Here’s the response:

“We anticipate high demand for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this holiday. Like previous pre-order programs, retailers and availability differ across regions, so please check with your local retailers for more information on availability in your market.”

It might seem like a fairly generic response, but it’s actually great advice – call your local Walmarts, Targets, GameStops, and Best Buys. Don’t just sit there refreshing the same website over and over again, pick up the phone and speak directly to the people who are going to be selling you the console, then ask if they know about a second round of pre-orders for your region. You might even be able to find out how many consoles they plan to have in-stock on November 10.

Your mileage may vary based on location – and who manages to pick up the phone at the store – but with any luck you should walk away with a bit more information about the Series X/S. At the very least you should make sure to set up notifications on all websites that allow it. Most retailers will let you put in your email address and shoot you a message when products come back in stock.

There’s no doubt that anticipation is boiling over for both Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles. Microsoft took plenty of precautions to make sure things went smoothly during this morning’s pre-order rush, but it seems like we still managed to crash plenty of servers. At this point, your last hope for nabbing a Series X or Series S is reaching out directly to your local stores and hoping that they can spare some info.

If none of that pans out, we’ll hold out hope that more consoles are produced before the end of 2020 – at this point, we all deserve one good thing to happen this year.

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