Hate The Greybeards In Skyrim? Just Send Them Flying Off The Top Of High Hrothgar

Skyrim became available on Xbox Game Pass last month, resulting in tons of people getting back into the game. Of course, this time we are perhaps less engrossed in the story and more aware of how long it takes to get to the top of Hrothgar in order to meet the Greybeards. Fortunately, if you want to take your frustration out on the monks, there is a way to send them flying off the top of Skyrim’s tallest mountain.

Prior to Cyberpunk 2077, Skyrim was probably the most memed, and charmingly glitchy game that you could get your hands on. Even to this day, there is a character that has never been anything more than a talking end table. At this point, it feels like the mistakes are there to stay, as a reminder to not take anything too seriously, rather than errors that need to be smoothened out.

At least, that’s the way that this unique exploit feels when you watch it. Redditor u/walter-fring posted a video of themselves using the power of the Greybeards to toss them off of the top of high Hrothgar. During one scene, a Greybeard will demonstrate the Whirlwind sprint—an ability that will allow your character to dash forward.

However, if you paralyze the character with a poisoned arrow, he won’t stop at the end of the mountain path like he is supposed to, and will go careening off of the edge of the mountain. Apparently, the poison will prevent fall damage, so the monk should be alive wherever he happened to land. As we know now, even if the monk does end up dying on his way down, his death will still be remembered in the hall of the dead.

For whatever reason, neither of the other monks in this scene react to the fact that you helped their fellow monk throw himself off the mountain. Perhaps they didn’t like that particular monk all that much. Either way, this ability is yet another reason why Skyrim remains in the hearts and minds of those who have played the game over the last 9 years of its existence.

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